Heath Shuler Wants to Permanently Stop Debating Abortion Rights

Democratic Rep. Heath Shuler made his name when he chose to challenge Rep. Nancy Pelosi for Minority Leader as a way to protest her liberal voting record.  Now, Shuler tells his hometown paper why he consistently votes against his own party and controversial bills ranging from the Patriot Act to Health Care Reform.  But it’s his sponsorship of the Republican backed HR3, which attempts to place huge restrictions on family planning and a woman’s right to choose that he is the most zealous in defending, claiming that it’s “important we don’t have an argument on every single piece of legislation going forward.”

Via Asheville News:

You’re a co-sponsor of the H.R. 3 bill, along with a number of Republicans and some Democrats. Why do you think there’s a need for such a bill?
Every single piece of legislation that comes forward, we’re always having the debate based on the provisions of the federal government supplying funding for abortions. I’ve been pro-life since I started running in 2005. I’ve always been outspoken about that, and it’s important we don’t have an argument on every single piece of legislation going forward.

Now there were some concerns about the force issue; I think that’s obviously been addressed. And I’ve been a part of helping that be addressed, and that’s taken care of. We go through this process on every single piece of legislation, so why don’t we go ahead and define it early, get it as a part of true legislation, so we don’t have to debate it every time?

The force issue came up as a major complaint with the bill. Why was it in the bill in the first place, and why was it changed?
It’s like anything: You have two attorneys look at a piece of legislation and one word can certainly stand out. Anytime you have a word that’s utilized in a different manner, you have to fix it. I think it makes it much more sound, not having that word in there.

You mentioned this debate coming up repeatedly. You don’t believe existing federal guidelines and rules on funding for abortion are sufficient?
This is the law, and it codifies the existing law that we have.

Yes, we’d hate to actually debate a rule that denies a woman financial coverage of a legal procedure simply because of her income or who she works for.  Permanently codifying discrimination is a much better plan of action.

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Jessica O.
Jessica O7 years ago

Anyone telling me what to do with my own body??

Over my dead body!

Past Member
Past Member 7 years ago

I believe that until men can get pregnant, men should shut the hell up about what a woman does with her body. Because, if men COULD get pregnant, there would be an abortion clinic on every corner.

As a side note, if this is the same Heath Shuler, he was a high priced bust in the NFL because he was found to be "not smart enough" to play quarterback. I guess he found another high priced job for which he is "not smart enough."

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

Leave me alone! My body my choice. If you're not living my life don't make choices for me.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

Heath Schuler is sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. I am a woman -- I have a right to decide what to do with my body, and that means whether or not I want to bear a child. No man has any right to dictate what kind of life I will have. I am so friggin mad about these guys speaking on pregnancy, when they'll never have to make the decisions I do.

Mary Ellen W.
Mary Wightman8 years ago

Ya, Michelle E....EVERYone should know the consequences of unprotected sex...but most of the disinterested guys simply walk away and don't lift a finger or spare a penny or a second of their time. Just because someone may tell them to help in most cases, doesn't mean they will do a darn thing about it.... And yes, there is that instance of being raped, but most of these people think that it's just too bad--if the mother's life isn't "considered" to be in danger, then tough luck--they should be required to bore that child as a result of a heinous, torturous disgusting crime. I think that is RIDICULOUS. Maybe you could understand that better if you had to walk a mile in a rape victim's shoes......

Mary Ellen W.
Mary Wightman8 years ago

Did I fall asleep and wake up in Saudia Arabia? Next thing I know the republicans will tell me I have to where a burqa or face the possible deserved punishment of being raped and then stoned to death for being raped....So glad I live in the land of the free (FOR ALL and not just rich white guys).

Ira L.
Ellie L8 years ago

How dare any man tell a woman what she should do with her body. Women should tell men to abstain from Viagra, Cialis, penis extensions, and sex, UNLESS the woman chooses to engage in sex. So much for "small, limited government." Stay the hell out of my bedroom!

Robby C.
Past Member 8 years ago

"This intrusion from the "conservatives" to regulate a woman's right to choose in the matter of child birth, arguably a constitutionally guaranteed right, makes their other arguments seem ridiculous as they cite our same Constitution for political purposes"

-I agree w/this. And liberal arguments are just as ridiclousin this same light. The idea of banning people from being able to enjoy shooting a handgun (at paper targets) &/or to keep that gun for personal defense, while at same time, preaching BS about life being so important & against capital punishment, etc. Liberals want full control of their bodies except when it comes to self-defense against criminals. In some cases, they will rip full-on living breathing babies (after viability) from the womb in the name of constitutional rights, but when it comes to stopping someone from being raped (& possibly put into unplanned pregnancy to being with) or saving someone eles from harm, then the criminal has all these precious rights... Both parties are equally misbalanced & ignorant as a whole- tough to believe anyone would align themselves completely w/either party.

Charles S.
Charles S8 years ago

This "conservative" is from western North Carolina, an impoverished mountainous region which has suffered economically for generations even before the current recession. He is actually an acting Republican from all I know about him, in spite of his official party affiliation and as such he holds curious views on this subject. To preach the virtues of government not being allowed to intrude into our business lives with limitations and little taxation is a curious bedfellow with the simultaneous preoccupation of intruding constantly into our individual lives with respect to our ability to govern our own bodies. This intrusion from the "conservatives" to regulate a woman's right to choose in the matter of child birth, arguably a constitutionally guaranteed right, makes their other arguments seem ridiculous as they cite our same Constitution for political purposes. That Heath wants to silence any debate on the issue further reinforces my characterization of him as a "closet republiken" who would seek to govern in a fascist manner. He should be more concerned with finally landing some decent jobs for the people of his region. There are plenty of fundamentalist churches preaching nonsense to the good people of the region living in trailers and dilapidated dwellings.

Mike and Janis B.
Janis B8 years ago

We guess he never heard of freedom of expression. How daft are the people who voted such creeps into office. Women's rights have absolutely nothing to do with the prolife. It is something the denigrators of women bring up to persuade stupid people. While we do not believe in abortion for convenience we do think it is a option which should be allowed in several circumstances, it depends on what the issues are and whether allowing it to proceed when there are satisfactory solutions available. Certainly more very poor disabled kids or mothers who are in an extreme situation as a result of rape or severe poverty will occur and then we guess men who inflict STDs on women such as these advocates will again have reduced women to an equivalent to what they decry in moslem countries. Oh God help the US