Help Keep Elephant Abuse Out of the Nevada County Fair

During an 8-week undercover investigation of elephants used in the moviesWater for Elephants andZookeeper,Animal Defenders International exposed trainers from the company Have Trunk Will Travel using bull hooks, electric shock and even hitting a baby elephant over the head. Next month, those same trainers are scheduled to bring elephant rides to the Nevada County Fair in Northern California. But not if animal rights activists have their say.

Along with Animal Defenders International,The Center for Animal Protection and Education (CAPE) — located in the heart of Nevada County, CA — is outraged that the Fairground board of directors would bring endangered elephants to a county fair for the purpose of entertainment and isfighting 24/7 to keep elephant rides out of the fair.

Shelley Frost, program manager of CAPE said, “Elephants are majestic, intelligent animals who don’t belong at a fair, providing rides for children. It’s not the humane thing to do.”

“It’s also a safety issue to have the elephants at the fair. There will be a bee exhibit and horses at the fair and lots of people making noise. These are things that will be unfamiliar and possibly dangerous to the elephants.”

Frost pointed out that several years ago the fairground board wanted to increase sales and decided to try ostrich races. That ended with an accident.

Frost also explained that Have Trunk Will Travel is getting preferential treatment for coming to the fair. Exhibit fees, electrical fees and RV fees have been waived for them, and the fairground is providing 24-hour security. “All this when the rest of the fair has sacrificed budget cuts,” said Frost.

Have Trunk Will Travel counters all of the attacks by ADI and CAPE by saying the undercover video was edited and calling themselves a company that “truly cares about the well-being of elephants.” They also state that they have given tens of thousands of dollars to save Asian elephants through the International Elephant Foundation.

Frost explained this conservation fund is not what is seems: “The group is a sham run by Have Trunk Will Travel, their veterinarian and members from the Ringling Bros. Circus.”

Both CAPE and ADI are asking for the contract with Have Trunk Will Travel to be cancelled immediately. They are also are calling on the public for help. Action from California residents is especially needed.

Here are some ways you can keep the elephant rides from coming to Nevada County Fair:


Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing

Ilona V.
Ilona V5 years ago

Sadly noted. This has to stop!

Petition signed - Ilona,
you took action on July 1, 2013

Waheeda S.
Waheeda S5 years ago

The way the elephants are treated as part of their "training" is abhorrent. These beautiful animals do not belong in zoos!

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener5 years ago

Signed related petition!

J. J.5 years ago

J, You signed on July 5, 2013.

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush5 years ago

Animal cruelty, human cruelty ~ We should have progressed beyond this point in our evolution, or am I just kidding myself?

Janis S.
Janis S5 years ago

Repulsive treatment ... This should be against the law to treat living creatures in the way the elephants are treated. Mistreated in circuses, killed for their ivory, abused for money to line human pockets. It is sickening!!!!!!!!! Let's all rise up against such practices!!!!!!!!!!!

Moira Brabender
Moira Brabender5 years ago

once again elephants are abused for human pleasure.Surely people know by now, how these poor elephants are tortured just to put a smile on someone's face. It's not amusement, it's money that's wanted. These sad and miserable elephants are trailed round all their life and it's not needed. They should be put into a good safari park with caring keepers who will look after them the way they deserve after their appalling treatment. An elephant abused for years in the uk, was petitioned and found a new home and has settled there. People power works.

Ruth S.
Ruth C5 years ago

I could not watch the video, its to heartbreaking.

Carolanne Powell
Carolanne Powell5 years ago

Loved reading the book "Water for Elephants" but not watched the film due to suspicions of how these magnificent creatures may have been treated. I am ashamed to be Human when I hear of such lack of Love & compassion in our world.