Three Million Animals Live On The Streets Of Mexico City

An international animal rights group based in Latin America rang in the New Year with a protest about the suffering of 3 million homeless animals that live on the streets of Mexico City. 


The group says the sale of puppies and kittens in pet shops is to blame.


According to AnimaNaturalis the number of cats and dogs living on the streets of Mexico City has grown to a crisis level. 


The group says that 8 out of every 10 dogs are abandoned by their owners.


The organization staged a New Year’s weekend protest to call attention to the problem and encourage people to adopt homeless pets rather than buy one from a pet store.


Like other major cities around the world, the sale of animals from retail pet shops has become extremely popular in Mexico City.  AnimaNaturalis calls the industry “irresponsible” because people do not take into account the suffering puppies and kittens endure when they are tossed out onto the streets.


The group said, “…many parents acquire animals as ‘toys’ for children, without considering the implications of aging, healthy development and emotional needs that animals also have.”


The protest was aimed at educating people about the dangers abandoned pets face in the form of disease, starvation and human cruelty.  It also emphasized the adoption of cats and dogs from shelters and how quickly pets reproduce if they are not spayed or neutered. 


More than 100 advocates participated in the event and two activists spent the day confined in a cage to further exemplify the problem.


AnimaNaturalis is an international animal rights organization founded in 2003.  It has offices in Spain, Columbia, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico Uruguay and Chile.  The group has been involved in protesting animal testing, the fur industry, animals used in entertainment and the overall mistreatment of animals.





Rhonda B.
Rhonda B4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Varcolac Veroscarius

The girl on black t-shirt is a local actress in MX. In Mexico City there is a brand new law to protect the animal cruelty, but we need to join forces so that such law be respected.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

I was shocked -- Mexico City is huge in population, but I had no idea that there were 3 million homeless dogs and cats there. Starvation is a cruel way to die. They mentioned the sellers of puppies and kittens, but I wonder if also there is little knowledge of spaying/neutering as a partial answer to the problem.

Bravo to the brave people who held a rally. It is a start in public and governmental awareness.

Allison W.
Allison Watson7 years ago

This breaks my heart and I am so glad to see that people care enough to protest. It also makes me so angry that these poor animals just wander the streets and a lot of people see these animals as a nuisance. If I went down there I would want to yell at the people who don't care about these animals.

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

thanks for the info

Kelly Davis-steel
Kelly D7 years ago

8 out of 10 dogs are abandoned :O thats awful!!! :(

Scot S.
Scot S.7 years ago

"Compassion Without Borders" is a California non-profit organization providing training, vet care and rescue services to Mexico's animal shelters and stray dogs. You can make a difference in a dogs life by visiting our page here:

Manuela B.
Manuela B7 years ago

It's a very big problem, but 3 million animals how does one reduce this number and keep it down without killing so many.
All because people want LIVE toys..... very sad

Carolanne Powell
Carolanne Powell7 years ago

Thank God for these kind, caring people to give up their time for this very worthy cause. A lot more funding is required worldwide to rectify human error & ignorance causing animal abuse.

Catalina D.
Catalina D7 years ago

I live in Mexico City and I can tell you we make an enourmus work here, not only Anima Naturalis but also asociations like GEPDA, Pro Perro, Milagros Caninos, Rescate Animal and many more! We all work as hard as we can, but when we receive world wide support it helps us to make our governats see this is actually an important matter!