Vote to Help Your Favorite Shelter Win $15,000

There is, unfortunately, no shortage of homeless pets in the U.S. By now, we know the importance of supporting shelters and rescue groups whose efforts are critical in providing the care, attention and second chances these animals desperately need as they wait to find forever homes. 

Thankfully there are also many shelter workers and rescuers who are in the trenches dedicating their time and resources to save animals and educate people about the importance of adoption and spaying and neutering.

Now, you can do more to help animals in your community by voting for your favorite shelter in America’s Favorite Animal Shelter Contest to help them win up to $15,000. The second place charity will receive $7,000 and third place will receive $3,000.

The contest, which is being sponsored by Care2, the ASPCA and, is going on between now and July 10.

Visit the contest page at to find your favorite shelter and find out more about how you can help them win. 

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