Here Are the Environmental Regulations the EPA Is Rolling Back Next

Scott Pruitt may be in over his head with various ethical scandals, but none of that is keeping him from doing what he does best at the EPA: destroying commonsense regulations that help to keep Americans and the environment safe. At the moment, he’s got two things on his agenda that could do a lot of damage, proving that even if he’s going to go out, he’s not going to do so without taking the planet down with him:


For years, water pollution safeguards only applied to huge bodies of water, but because 117 million Americans (more than one-third!) get their drinking water from streams and wetlands, the Obama administration thought it appropriate to include certain smaller bodies of water from being dumped in as well.

Now Pruitt wants to revoke that rule (known as WOTUS, or Water of the United States) so that smaller bodies of water will go back to being unregulated. Local businesses will then have the ability to behave more recklessly without legal consequence.

Obviously, those who enjoy drinking clean water lose with this plan, but who stands to benefit from it? The NYT identifies four distinct groups: farmers and rural dwellers (who are often guilty of carelessly polluting local waters with excrement and pesticides), and golf courses and real estate developers. The latter pair is comprised of industries that Trump personally invests in, and the former pair make up a sizable chunk of Trump’s own voter base.


Insiders also say they expect to see the latest draft of a plan to change vehicle emissions rules land next week. If Pruitt and gang get their way, the EPA will raise the limit on the amount of pollution cars can emit, paving the way for car manufacturers to design cars that pollute more.

Since over a dozen states, led by California, have set emission standards that are more strict than the national standards, car manufacturers have designed cars that meet those states’ standards so they’re not making different cars.

For that reason, in an effort to “help” the auto industry (and in turn make our collective air more polluted), the Trump administration would like to forbid states like California from setting their own standards. It’s a battle that would almost definitely wind up in court.

Take Action

It’s important to stress that although both policies are advancing, they have not yet been finalized. Once the final proposals are released, it will be time to raise hell and demand that our elected officials maintain clean water and air.

Or better yet, start now by joining 65,000 other Care2 members in signing this petition asking the EPA not to touch the existing vehicle emission rules.


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total corruption is in charge of EPA currently as well as WHITE HOUSE and we all know that!

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Twitler and his minions are nothing but a bunch of greedy, selfish, immature land rapists who see our country (and ultimately, our planet) as a treasure trove to be plundered until there's nothing left. Under their watch, it's now the Environmental POLLUTION Agency! They all need to be stuffed into the same cages they're putting immigrants' children into and charged with treason, crimes against humanity, and crimes against the planet!

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Zinke is as guilty of terrorist acts as Pruitt. They should both be sent to a firing squad at Gitmo. Their evil acts are beyond terrorism.

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Pruitt should get the death sentence from a military tribunal. Pruitt deserves that more than Osama Bin Laden. Pruitt is far more of a terrorist than any ISIS leader.

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These both sound like terrible ideas

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