Herman Cain’s Violent Animals Ads (Video)

Accusations of adultery and sexual harassment proved the undoing of Herman Cain’s campaign some months ago.  To keep his name in circulation, he seems to be taking the strategy of sparking outrage through violent images. On Sunday, Caine launched a web campaign whose aim is to attack stimulus policies that were put into place as President George W. Bush’s second term was coming to a close, to  shore up an economy crumbling due to the misdeeds of Wall Street, of “corporate corruption and massive over-leveraging,” as Stephen C. Webster puts it on Raw Story.

The video shows a man launching a rabbit in a catapult and then shooting it with a rifle as a girl speaks. The rabbit represents “small business,” she says.

An earlier video also involved a girl and animal abuse: A goldfish is dumped from its bowl and shown flopping around as the girls says “this is the economy.” The girl then splashes a few drops of water on the fish while saying “this is the economy on stimulus” and then “any questions?”.

Cain’s point — stimulus policies are very, very bad — is all too clear. He is apparently planning to make more and equally repellent videos; indeed, he invites others to contributes ideas for a new video at SickOfStimulus.com. But is there any real point in making such sickening ads that (certainly with the video with the goldfish) involved unnecessary cruelty to animals?

Even if some aspects of Cain’s videos were computer-generated, the violence of the images is unavoidable. Indeed, violence is crucial to their message.

Can it be said that the former contender for the GOP presidential candidate nomination has become so desperate for attention that all he can think to do is to send out ads with deliberately disturbing images of catapult shootings of animals? If so, it has become only too clear how far Cain is — was — missing the mark.


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Photo by Gage Skidmore


Judith Howard
Judith Howard6 years ago

I think you can make your point another way. Would I support this man as a leader? Hell NO!

Carrie Anne Brown

horrible ad :/ thanks for sharing

Janet G.
Janet G6 years ago

This moron psychopath needs to be catapulted by the balxs and flung by them through the air til he feels it and falls right into an institution for the criminally insane. He is a danger to this society, our children and the animals.

Audrey B.
Audrey B6 years ago

Abuse of animals is not positive attention, its all negative Mr. Cain.
Your not showing a good example with your ads.

Dale R.
Dale R.6 years ago

God Help Us....he is the Animal......thank you God for letting us see his true colors, anti women, , philanderer...and who in the hell raised this bad seed!!! Next you will see her on Death Row for being a serial killer!

David L.
David L6 years ago

.... Plus:

The blonde slut in that advert has set herself up for a fall, there...

Can't ignore her being the political stooge for this...

Brain dead white trash bimbo, she be.. Probably a member of PETA, too..

Just look at those drug-crazed eyes of hers ~ definitely popping those funny little pills before breakfast, Maybe a bong or two before that shoot. Probably thinking to herself : "Yum, I can eat that !!!"

Wilna Riekert
Wilna Riekert6 years ago

is Cain mentally challeged?

Louise D.
Louise D6 years ago

He must of got the idea from a Monty Python sketch but then he is not stupid just ignorant remember when he recited the lyrics of the “Pokémon” song, there is a suspicion that Herman Cain thinks that a poorly animated Japanese show depicting cute animals fighting each other is a profound metaphor of the current economic situation or he just wants to hit a Pikachu with a sledgehammer for entertainment.

Kenny West
Kenny Wes6 years ago

It's not to late for this idiot to bring down the rest of his party.

colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago