Hero Chihuahua Finds Missing Girls in the Woods

A 3-year-old chihuahua named Bell is an unexpected hero after finding three young girls who became lost for hours in the woods in Newnan, Georgia, on Monday.

CBS Atlanta reports that, on Monday, 8-year-old Carlie and 5-year-old Lacey Parga went for a walk with their dog Lucy down a cul-de-sac on trails near their neighborhood.

What started as a casual stroll became an unintended, and at times frightening, experience. As Carlie tells CBS, ‘”We tried to find our way out of the woods. We kept following paths and stuff and we got lost.” Indeed, they became scared that they were only to get more and more lost.

Carlie’s father, David Parga, noted that it wasn’t characteristic of them to wander off and, after searching for them but not hearing them respond, he contacted police and firefighters. Neighbors joined them including Carvin Young who thought to take Bell, who plays with the girls every day and knew their scent. Bell was able to lead searchers to the girls.

As Young tells CBS, “Bell sniffed them out. She smelled them, her tail went to wagging and she kept running and running until she got to them. She started jumping up on me and I knew we were close.”

The girls were scared but no one was hurt.

One small dog who lives near Atlanta can now be called a rescuer, and a successful one at that — plus, Bell’s finding the missing children is a reminder of why it’s not a bad idea for kids to get to know the neighborhood dogs.

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Florence T.
Florence T2 years ago

Awesome story and some people think dogs are stupid, they have more brains and compassion then most humans. WTG Bell

Roberto Meritoni
Roberto Meritoni2 years ago


Barbara B.
Mrs B3 years ago

Just goes to show that even the "smallest" can do BIG things. Way to go Bell!!! You should have an endless supply of belly rubs and love.

Past Member 3 years ago

Good dog!

Kimmy H.
Kimmy H3 years ago

Good job, Bell!

Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold3 years ago

What a wonderful little "person". I hope the rewards were commensurate with the miracle she performed.

Priscilla Laybolt

Well Done Bell, you are a clever little dog. Little but mighty!
So glad the girls are safe, and yes children do wander off some times, not understanding that they can go further than intended.

Val M.
Val M3 years ago

Good for you Bell!

Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harper3 years ago


Carole R.
Carole R3 years ago

Ah ... the face of a hero. :0) Cute pic. Good for her.