Hero College Student Opens His Own Food Pantry for Hungry Dorm Mates

Justin Franks is a 20-year-old full time college student at Alabama A&M University. He works three part-time jobs and serves as president of his dorm. Heís busy, but not too busy to care about his dorm mates.

As the 2016 school year began, Franks noticed a number of fellow students in his dorm always going to bed hungry because the cafeteria closes at 6 p.m. Those students canít afford to eat out, so they just didn’t get any dinner. Franks didn’t like that. He decided to help them.

“I noticed there were some students that said they were going to bed hungry,” Franks told the University Herald. “So, I thought about it and said, ‘What can I give back to my community?’”

With $45 of his own money, Franks bought packages of ramen noodles, Capri Sun drinks, water and some hygiene items. He set up a tiny donation-based food pantry in his dorm room and announced it to the world on his Facebook account:

Justin Franks Facebook post

His heartfelt post was shared hundreds of times on Facebook. In short order, others wanted to donate something to help the effort. Alumni groups, faculty members, a sorority and others gave Franks money or goods to stock his pantry.

Eventually, the amount of items available became too unwieldy to keep the food pantry in his room, so Franks moved it downstairs to the dorm’s old mail room. From there he gives out a wide variety of things to students in need — soup, granola bars, cereal, Pop Tarts, crackers, noodle cups and much more. He also keeps a stock of personal items like shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, tissues, paper towels and the like.

Watch a news story about Franks here:

When he’s not studying, Franks is working hard at one of his part-time jobs. He works in his dorm as a part-time desk assistant and also is a manager at a fast food restaurant. Despite the hustle and bustle of his own life, he paid attention to the plight of the students in his dorm.

“They didn’t have any food,” Franks told ABC News. “The cafeteria here closes pretty early, and a lot of students here don’t have the money to go outside of campus to eat. I wanted to cater to those students.”

Justin Franks is a young man with a heart of gold. He saw fellow students who needed help, and he decided to be the one to step up and provide it. So far, since opening his pantry in September, he’s assisted about 100 students.

“‘Service Is Sovereignty’ is our school’s motto and I want to live up to that,” Franks told ABC News. “I’m hoping that we can keep expanding the pantry and that it’ll continue for years to come.”

I’d hazard a guess that Justin Franks has a bright future ahead of him. Anyone who can see what’s required and will take it upon himself to resolve the problem is a person you can count on. A fellow student in need won’t remain unfed for long with Justin Franks around.

Photo credit: Justin Franks Facebook page


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Wow, what a hero!

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Thanks for sharing.

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Great move young man!
He took it upon himself to fix something he saw was wrong. Some of the sign carriers should take note...go out and do something that is positive....not walk around whining.

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this is a great idea

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God Bless you Justin Franks and God Bless all the domino reactors

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