Heroic Rescue At Korean Dog Meat Farm

In Defense of Animals (IDA) just released a story about an animal activist group based in South Korea that made a courageous rescue of dogs living on a remote dog meat farm in Gyeonggi Province.  The activists acted on a tip they received.


When a small animal rights organization called Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) was given information about a dog meat farm hidden in a remote part of the countryside of South Korea, they knew they had to investigate.  The group organized a daring rescue mission that could have ended with their arrests or injury.


IDA reported about the appalling conditions found at the scene:


“Dogs of different breeds were living in miserable conditions in soiled, ramshackle cages.  Some of the dogs had injuries and all were filthy and uncared for.  The waste in the cages appeared to have never been cleaned and the dogs sat in piles of feces.”

Click Here to see scenes from the rescue mission.


The CARE activists knew they couldn’t leave the dogs behind, so they rescued as many as they could and brought them back to the organization’s animal shelter.  The dogs were then given veterinary medical treatment, bathed and shown kindness – probably for the first time in their lives.


CARE representatives filed a civil complaint against the facility and bravely returned to the dog farm to negotiate with the owner.  They happily reported to IDA that the owner agreed to release the dogs to the group and tear down the buildings at his facility. 


Basically CARE members put the dog trader out of business.  IDA views this negotiation as a “momentous victory for the dogs of Korea.”


South Korea prohibits the sale and human consumption of dog meat.  Their Animal Protection Law considers dogs to be domestic pets, but in reality the government gives their “silent blessing” to the industry by ignoring dog meat farms, traders and retail butcher shops that sell the meat. 


IDA says that eating dog meat is not a deeply rooted tradition in Korea.  Koreans have only chosen canine meat during times of severe and widespread poverty as was seen during World War II.  But the dog meat industry is very organized and is promoted by myths of good health and increased sexual performance.


So, two million dogs are taken from the streets or from their owners’ homes each year by these unscrupulous traders who electrocute, strangle or bludgeon them to death.


CARE was started by two animal rights advocates in 2002 who wanted to solve the “animal related issues in Korea.”  Their goal is to raise public awareness about the dog meat industry until it ceases to exist in the country.


In 2004, they opened an animal shelter to protect homeless pets from being picked up by dog meat traders.  They also try to find new adopted homes for the canines with Korean families and owners overseas. 


CARE has partnered with IDA and is currently filing a series of lawsuits against illegal dog meat shops and farmers.  If convicted, the butchers could receive a fine of $5,000.  Both groups think this will be a sufficient deterrent to stop the industry.


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In Defense of Animals


Pat Ford
Patricia Ford4 years ago

This is not the business of the people of this country. We eat cows, the people of India are just as revolted by that practice as we are to the Korean consumption of dog meat. Many other countries eat horses. Just because we make pets of these animals doesn't make us right and them wrong. Should the people of India start a movement to ban consumption of beef in this country? Your pooch should be happy he is here and their cows are grateful they live in India. The American people have no right to force their taboos on the world nor does the rest of the world have the right to force their taboos on us. Put you efforts toward humane treatment of animals here, there is plenty of work that needs to be done.

Debbie House
Debbie House4 years ago

Fines are not enough we know this because it doesn't make any difference in our society today. Nor does prison time mostly because they never serve a day in prison. I have no words for this! It is so dishearting.

Wendy G.
Past Member 4 years ago

Dogs are intelligent, loyal and domestic pets. They are not food. I'm glad the dogs at this place were saved, however the story is three years old and as we can see from petitions currently circulating this practice is still going on, and not just in Korea but in other Asian countries also. It needs a worldwide effort from Governments, international agencies, and us, to stand up and stop this right across Asia.

Elizabeth F.
Elizabeth F4 years ago

I am SO glad these dogs were rescued... God Bless Everyone Involved!!!

Elise Swansborough

Risky tho' it may be to say this, I do worry about hassling people for WHAT they eat(excepting endangered species) when we're still happily chowing down on various food animals.
HOWEVER having said that I massively object to any animal destined to be eaten, being treated cruelly in any way.
I'm not sure we will ever convert the whole world to vegetarianism but we can do huge amounts to make sure any "food animal" is reared, treated and killed with respect, decency and care.
I'm really fed up with living creatures being treated like commodities.

Fred S6 years ago

Right thinking is essential for right living.

Hyuri C.
Hyuri C.6 years ago

first of all, i understand why koreans are looked to as bad guy for slaughtering dogs for their meat because theyre the race majority doing all that. i am against in feeding on dogs every way possible for they r companions and pets, not as food. it makes me upset to hear such ignorant remarks focusing only korean of doing inhumane harm to dogs when we dont even know half the things that havent surfaced to public for them to judge. white caucasian boys in US skinning a puppy alive to have it skewered on an open fire just for fun, millions of americans neglecting or mutilating animals and getting away with it. dont say things u dont know. dont pinpoint directly on someone/race just because its easier to put the blame on someone rather than no one. we can only fail as humans with such negativity feeding on the negative. so who r u to judge people by stereotyping them. r u doing something to help these poor animals other than blabbing your opinions?

승준 .
승준 .6 years ago

I'm Korean and If you're saying Korean people should stop eating dogs, why don't you stop eating pigs and cows, which is may more intelligent than dogs? You may think that these dogs are raised as pets, but no. They're raised for food, not as pets. And maybe treated much better than cows and pigs in U.S. It's our culture, and we should respect each other. Well, Today, only few people(mostly old) eat dogs. Many people in Korea is disgusted about dog meat either. I feel not eating animal is the best way to save animals.

Wendy hammond
Wendy M7 years ago

I think it is wonderful that they took some. I would feel so sad to have to leave some. I wouldn't know which ones to choose. I just couldn't choose. It is so sickening. If it's illegal and not normal how can people think it is ok and good for you to eat a dog? They disgust me!

debbie p.
debbie peterson7 years ago

I can not imagine my dear sweet Patty in the hands of these barbarians!! Fines will only force these criminals underground where they will continue to inflict there evil torture upon the innocent...They need to be hunted down hung by the neck until dead, and leave their discusting remains for maggots to render!