Hidden Cameras Capture the Short and Tragic Lives of Three Fox Siblings on a Fur Farm

We don’t typically get to follow the lives of individual animals who are killed for their coats. Now, a short film is offering us a harrowing glimpse into the short and tragic lives of three fox siblings who were born, raised and killed on a fur farm.

The film, Fur: A Lifetime, which was just released by Animal Defenders International (ADI), was taken by hidden cameras placed on a fur farm in Poland – the fourth largest fox fur producer in the world. It spans the short lives and deaths of three arctic fox cubs, who ADI named Borys, Eryk and Aleska.

First the tiny cubs are nurtured by their mother, as best she can given the circumstances, before she is taken away from them. As they get older, their personalities come out and they attempt to play in their tiny wire cage. Soon their coats change color, and before they’re even seven months old, terrified Borys and Eryk are dragged out of their cage by a farmer, strung up by a leg and electrocuted to death.

Aleska watches as her brothers are torn away from her and killed. She is only spared because she will be used to produce more cubs, who will be torn from her to be killed for their fur as the cycle repeats.

“Over 100 million animals die for their fur every year. Our film shows the lives of these intelligent, feeling individuals and the cruelty they suffer when treated like a product. Just because they are not like us. Playfulfox cubs Borys and Eryk grow up in a small cage and die a terrifying and painful death for vanity and trinkets. This is the real cost of fur – when you buy fur, you buy cruelty, not beauty or luxury,” said ADI’s President, Jan Creamer.

The lives of these three cubs resemble nothing of their wild counterparts. They never knew the safety of a den, or the caring parents they would have had in the wild, who would have protected them and taught them the valuable skills they would need as they explored the world before setting out on their own.

Instead, they only experienced extreme confinement on the equivalent of a factory farm, and denied everything that would have enabled them to thrive. As a result, they and others like them pay a physical and psychological toll. On this single farm, ADI found foxes with bent feet and overgrown claws from living on wire floors, self-mutilation, aggression, injuries and illnesses that were left untreated, and filthy living conditions, while other investigations have found similar issues elsewhere.

According to ADI, over 15 million foxes are killed every year, usually to make trinkets, trims and accessories, but it can take up to 35 individuals to make a single coat. Sadly, foxes aren’t the only victims of this brutal industry. It’s estimated that over 110 million animals are killed on fur farms, every year, while more than 16 million are trapped in the wild, including mink, raccoon dogs, rabbits, chinchillas, coyotes, seals, otters, cats and dogs.

While the fur industry and its apologists continue to claim fur products are sustainable, eco-friendly and humane, those arguments couldn’t be further from the truth, and what few regulations and certification schemes there are do little to nothing to stop widespread suffering. While there have been major victories with nations banning fur farming, and imports, those that are still making fur are exporting products around the world.

While there are now plenty of faux options around, they still send the message that fur is trendy and open the door to other problems with mislabeling, which continues to be found to lead otherwise caring consumers to unwittingly support this industry by buying the real thing.

ADI added that the best ways to stop this cruel industry include pushing for legislation that bans fur farming, trapping and imports, urging designers and retailers to stop using and selling fur, and for us to stop buying it.

“Be comfortable in your own skin, and not that of a poor defenceless animal caged and killed to provide it. Say no to fur and yes to helping these fashion victims. Please help ADI stop this brutal trade,” said actress Joanna Lumley, who is supporting ADI’s campaign to end the fur trade, along with actor Brian Blessed.

For more on how to help, check out Animal Defenders International.


Photo credit: Animal Defenders International


Marie W
Marie W11 months ago

Thanks for sharing.

Ruth S
Ruth Sabout a year ago

Hard to believe there is still a market for fur farms. Thanks.

ANA MARIJA Rabout a year ago

Only my own skin is the best one for me...

Lolli M
Lolli Mabout a year ago

Fur farms is the top of the evil sick disgusting things that humans have come up with, even worse than animal testing, which is really sick so just imagine. The ones running this sadistic business should all been thrown in a dungeon together with the idiots buying this crap, and left to feed on each other. And after that pureéd and turned into food cans for animals so that they could get a chance be of some use finally.

David P
David Pabout a year ago


Vanna R
Vanna Rochaabout a year ago

HORRIBLE EVIL PEOPLE the ones that work in farms and the ones the use fur !

Diane Pease
Diane Pabout a year ago

There's a place in Hell for these horrible people!!!

JinnySITEISSUES Labout a year ago

Absolutely disturbing, unacceptable, heartbreaking and immoral. We self-serving apathetic humans need to get our sh*t together now. Thanks for posting.

Nicole H
Nicole Heindryckxabout a year ago

To : Nelson Petrie : Thanks for mentioning the Fashion Designers as well. But do not make the mistake so many Care2 members do Europe is a difficult phenomenon. You have the Western European countries, f.i. France, ex W. Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, etc.. and you have the Eastern European countries, such as Slovenia, Poland (biggest) Rumania, Belarus, etc.. However they are 30/40 years behind us. These were all communist countries. All worked for the Government, were badly paid, lacked education, and there was NO democracy, there was no freedom of press of speech, it was HELL. They have freed themselves from their dictators, many years ago. However the economy and industry was in a crisis everywhere, and as they had NO experience on the free market, they became even poorer than they were before, with countless number of unemployed people, analphabetic people, poor education, nearly NO infrastructure (roads, railways, industry, etc..) So, it was nearly impossible to become democratic, industrial countries. They have all applied for the membership of the European Union, but get little help. It is NOT an excuse, but one of the reasons why they have so many breeding facilities for fur animals, etc...

Nicole H
Nicole Heindryckxabout a year ago

I've been reading most of the comments (diagonally) but I HAVE JUST FOUND ONE (repeat ONE) DISGUST or ANGER against .... yes the COUTURIERS... THE FASHION DESIGNERS... Don't ask me names, as I do not buy their utterly expensive dresses, coats, etc.. BUT IT IS THEM AND ONLY THEM WHO HAVE RE-INTRODUCED THE FUR during the last years. They started several years ago, just with some few ornaments on sleeves, collars, etc.. AND ... nobody reacted.. So they continued and expanded. Logic thinking : If people liked some ornaments, and nobody was protesting, then certainly they would appreciate FUR CLOTHING !! NOW, they throw a whole bunch of stuff on the cat walk. Ultra high boots in fur, coats, dresses, skirts, vests, ... you name it, they have it... SEND THOSE IDIOT DESIGNERS TO HELL !! If I could get myself an entrance ticket I would go over there to see one of those fashion shows and throw liters and liters of fluo paint over their nice creations. THEY are the worst A..holes, who are to blame in first instance for this animal cruelty. It is way too easy to throw everything on the lap of the government, and the people wearing this stuff. It starts with the Fashion Designers. SO, may be someone is inspired to start a petition against those morons.. (sorry my knowledge of computer is limited, and putting photographs etc.. is not my piece of cake - I should learn it one day)