Hidden Cameras Reveal Atrocious Animal Abuse at Livestock Auction

Mercy For Animals has uncovered yet more cruelty and abuse inside the animal agriculture industry, this time at livestock auctions. Undercover footage revealed animals being routinely kicked, punched, thrown around, dragged up by their ears and necks, denied food and water, and some animals who arrived to the auction sick were left to die overnight.

Many industry insiders and animal rights skeptics have long claimed that investigations such as this only show very isolated and extreme cases of cruelty, however the sad truth is that these cruel and barbaric practices are commonplace, industry wide.

While it may make for uncomfortable and upsetting viewing for the public, these undercover investigations are the only way to show the reality of life in the agriculture industry for the poor animals being raised for meat and dairy.

Illegal Treatment of Animals in the Livestock Auction

Livestock auctions are a trade center where animals are bought and sold for slaughter, often by farmers who have bred and raised the animals, and as such play a very important role in the industry.

Due to the cramped conditions in transport vehicles, long travel times and the stress of the ordeal, many animals arrive at the auction ill and injured. They receive no medical attention, water or food, and are subjected to further abuse once they arrive at the facility. The video footage shows not just one or two incidents of abuse, but countless repeated cases of abuse which have become part of the routine for the workers who process the animals.

Pigs, cows, sheep and goats are violently picked up and dragged around by their ears and tails, hit with wooden and metal rods, and kicked down the aisles to make them move faster from one area to the next. Many of them suffer injuries and scream out in pain and fear, yet the workers are completely unphased by it, with one of them even bragging about the way they could feel the veins breaking in a pig’s tail earlier that day.

A cow who is unable to stand is picked up and thrown about by a forklift truck as they try to get him into the back of a truck on its way to slaughter, while others are left dying on the floor with no concern for their health or wellbeing. Workers were even filmed admitting that the none of the animals ever receive food or water while they are at the auction house, something which should be the basic right of any living being.

Systematic Cruelty is a Part of the Industry

One of the most shocking things which this and other undercover investigation videos highlight is the way in which workers in the animal agriculture industry are so used to treating the animals. It has become the norm to abuse them and treat them with a complete lack of respect and care.

Unlike in undercover factory farm and slaughterhouse investigations, many of these atrocities took place in plain sight of the public, and not one single person stepped in to stop the abuse.

The vast majority of animals which are being raised for human use encounter abuse, confinement, and fear, day after day until they are eventually slaughtered. The evidence is compelling, and each new investigation confirms the fact that these are not isolated cases but industry standards for the treatment of animals.

Photo Credit: IamNotUnique


Marija M
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So sad...

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thanks for the article.

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So very sad.

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Yvonne is right

Teresa W.
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Yvonne Wey
Yvonne Wey3 years ago

These scumbags half wit of a men should all be in prison for the upmost animal abuse, to brag about their deeds they have no respect for life and really should be hanged from the next tree.

Elizabeth Z.
Elizabeth Z3 years ago

So sad. The same thing goes on at county fairs. Aren't animals exploited enough? It's a sick sad world :(

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It never seems to stop or even to decline. :-(

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we must fight back, never give these policy makers a moments peace, untill they install adequate protections, and a high level of laws against corporation cruelty