Hillary Clinton Done With Public Life


With years of being in the public eye, both as the wife of a politician then as a Senator, presidential candidate and now the Secretary of State, it’s little wonder that Hillary Clinton may be looking forward to being out of the spotlight for a while.  She has been making it clear recently that if reelected, she has no interest in a position in the administration during Obama’s second term.  And she’s had no qualms about shutting down any speculation on a 2016 run for the presidency again.

But still, done for good?  Really?

Yes, says Politico.

“I think that I am a pretty normal, average person, despite all of the hype,” Clinton said in an interview with the BBC conducted Thursday. “And I am very interested in spending time with my friends and my family and not being on the merry-go-round all the time.”

That, she said, is why she plans to “move on and return to private life at the end of what will be a very intense period of activity and work in the next 18 months.”

Even before her first stint as a political spouse in the late 1970′s, when she served as First Lady of Arkansas, Clinton had long been in the public eye through her work in various nonprofits.  With over four decades of public service under her belt, it is little wonder that regaining a private life and some downtime sounds like a perfect next step.

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mary l.
mary l6 years ago

I hope Pelosi is next.

Faith Billingham
Faith Billingham6 years ago

thanks for the article!

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S6 years ago

Enjoy your well-deserved retirement from public service Hillary. You are a strong and dedicated woman who has put up with a lot from the American public and right-wing ding-a-lings. You may have been a bit too harsh on your opponents during the 2008 primaries, but it was good preparation for Obama who now has to deal with constant trouble-makers. All the best to you First Lady and Madam Secretary.

Laure H.
Laure H6 years ago

I heard from a Guatemalan friend that she had her rear whooped by the central american presidents over the drug war when she came down for meetings a couple weeks ago or so. I.e., they refused her ideas and insisted that the u.s. pay for the lion's share of their drug war. Sounded fair to me, especially when I heard that the u.s. insists on bringing all the seized cocaine back to the u.s.a. What happens to it then? Our tax dollars at work. with frustrating situations like that, no wonder she is tired of politics....at least for a while.

Philip S.
Philip S6 years ago

Amen, one less criminal globalist (but too good to be true)

Will Rogers
Will Rogers6 years ago

All these politicians that have connections, whether by blood or marriage reminds me lot that north korean leader and his father and son. These people just want to have power over other people's lives and even over their bodies (in that they think it's ok to tell us not to take drugs for example)
I dont respect Raul Castro, Kim Il Soon, george w bush, Hilary Clinton. And yes. Hilary is the angel of death, as was Condoleeza Rice, as was Madeleine Albright, And Kissinger. Theirs is just the passive aggressive faces of war. But then again, I hate all politicians. And i'll say again... I will not be happy until I see a computer take a politicians job! Why should they be the only ones immune to progress? Why do we vote for politicians instead of policies? We vote them in to rule over us instead of serve us, and they laugh and smirk in disbelief. Where did we get this pernicious meme from that we need unquestionable leaders? Whose only real talent is to lead us into war. If i am in a job and I am incompetent or evasive I will be sacked, as will anyone (excluding the bosses son.. and politicians) but once theyre in, they're in. We could live in a true democracy where we vote on Policy's by computer, phone, lottery machines etc. A Direct Democracy.

Helen K.
Helen K6 years ago

Too bad, I will miss her. She was an inspiration in so many ways. Thank you for your service Hillary, we are grateful.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Take some time off.

Rachel Beckford
Rachel Beckford6 years ago

I have long admired Hilary Clinton and I say "Good for you" - she has given so much to the public and it is great she wants to have some normal time out of the spotlight and I do hope she manages to achieve that.

Lilithe Magdalene

I think she'll run again - I'll be voting for her.