Historic Victory! Spanish Region Bans Bullfighting

Bullfighting took a historical hit on Wednesday when Spanish lawmakers voted 68 to 55, with nine abstaining, to ban the “sport” from the region of Catalonia, making it the first ban in mainland Spain.

Bullfighting has been hailed as part of Spain’s cultural heritage. However, the industry has been dying on its own as a result of the economic downturn, along with added help from international pressure from animal rights activists.

The WSPA joined forced with a local Catalan group PROU, which presented over 180,000 signatures triggering Catalonia’s Parliament to vote on the matter last year. This year they brought a letter with 165,000 signatures from 120 countries in support of the ban to Ernest Benach, President of the Catalonian Parliament before the vote.  A Care2 petition in support of the ban gathered 35,660 signatures. 

Some see the ban as a political move and a way for Catalonia to stand apart from the rest of the country, while others say it’s a matter of ethics and animal cruelty. 

“This is not an attack against Spain but evidence that we, Catalans, support and share more advanced values with the rest of Europe,” said Josep Rull, a lawmaker from Convergence and Union, a Catalan party. “We can be proud to have demonstrated today that Catalonia has a more dignified and respectful society that believes in eliminating the torture and suffering of animals.”

The ban includes all forms of bullfighting and will take effect the first day of 2012 and will hopefully set a precedent for other areas to follow.

It’s time for this barbaric blood sport to go. Sign Care2’s petition urging Spain to support a ban on bullfighting.


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Karen Gillum
Karen Gillum6 years ago

One country at a time is at least progress.

Beth M.
Beth M6 years ago

It's a start.

Genoveva M.
Genoveva M6 years ago

Welcome to compassion!

Lisa Zarafonetis
Lisa Zarafonetis6 years ago

HOORAY!!! We are making progress!!! :)
Shared on Facebook.

Ketty R.
Ketty R.6 years ago

I am very happy to see, taking step forward in this front. bullfighting in Spain is human brutality on animal. I think it has to be ban and this would be very good sign for those who have been working for animal welfare issues and they must be very happy as well.

DENISE B7 years ago

When the whole of Spain stops ALL their ritualistic, cultural heritage cruel treatment of ALL animals I would be more tempted to celebrate.
Having said that I will still say Well Done Catalonia with the beginning of an end to cruelty to animals in Spain.

CESAR MONFORT7 years ago

Hello, as a spanish citizen, from Madrid, not from Catalonia, I see this ban as a political move and a way for Catalonia to stand apart from the rest of the country. and you`ll wonder Why??
I think you shoudn`t be so amazed with it, because they are against bullfighting but no against other forms of cruel treatment to bulls, like the "Toro embolao", in Sant Carles de la Rápita, (Tarragona),a province of Cataluña. This catalonian, and of other spanish villages, tradition consists of putting fire in the horns of the bull, don`t you remember it??

Helen S.
Helen Strong7 years ago

Nice to see some progress...but why only 2012?

Patricia P.
Patricia Poole7 years ago

It is nice to know that all over the world there are so many compassionate people that care about the welfare of the animals. We must work on spreading this much needed group to help stop all this torturing and killing of the animals.

maria d.
maria d7 years ago

Yes it was about time even though it was still hard. I was one of the hundreds of volunteers getting the signatures and it was really tough. Insults was the nicest thing you get from some pro-bullfighting people.
Anyway I'm very proud we manage and this opened a big discussion about it in all Spain leading to other similar projects in diferent regions!