Holdiay Card Causes Fur to Fly for Politician

How did Montreal MP Justin Trudeau land in hot water with PETA for sending a holiday card of his family to his constituents?  


Because Trudeau, wife Sophie and their two small children were decked out in goose-down parkas trimmed with coyote fur and draped with a coyote fur blanket around them.


Trudeau’s spokesperson said the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was simply showing support for Canadian companies and had no ulterior motives.


But read on and make your own conclusion about the greeting card that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals called “lurid” and “inappropriate.”


PETA spokesperson Lucas Soloway said, “I think it was disturbing, especially at this time of year in a greeting card.  Where is the cheer in wearing the skins of animals?”


“Coyotes killed for their fur are usually caught in the wild in steel–jaw traps, which have been banned in dozens of countries and often cause coyotes and other animals to gnaw off their own legs in an attempt to escape.”


“Many a Canadian Christmas has been ruined after a family dog or cat has died in one of these traps.  Wearing the product of such misery for a Christmas card is a pretty lurid way of celebrating peace on Earth.”


Trudeau’s aide Alex Lanthier said the card was not sent as a statement about wearing fur.  He explained the family wore the coats because they wanted to be supportive of Canada Goose – the company that manufactured the parkas.


“It’s a good Canadian company,” said Lanthier.  “The coats are made from sustainable products.”


Canada Goose supplied their own statement defending their position. They explained that they use coyote fur “selectively” as trim for their products because of its ability to keep people warm. 


The company also said they do not buy from fur farms and use humane methods to “acquire” the fur that are approved by the Fur Council of Canada.


The company did not say anything about the down used for the parkas they make – which are typically plucked from the chests of live geese.


So did PETA overreact with their protest over Trudeau’s holiday card or was Trudeau justified for demonstrating his loyalty to Canadian companies?


Click Here to see a picture of the Holiday Card.

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Photo credit: Creative Commons - Echoforsberg


rene davis
irene davis8 years ago


MC KL8 years ago

Everyone should leave Justin Trudeau and his family alone. Learn to "LIVE AND LET LIVE".

MC KL8 years ago

Timothy H. is right on target. This is all a huge PROPAGANDA against fur that PETA started, and the sheep that follow the PETA path...

Kate M.
Kate H8 years ago

Come on clothes companies, grow up. Are we really still that primeval that we have to wear fur, like cavemen? We have other options now. There are very few societies still alive today where using fur is necessary for survival, and people buying it from you rather than hunting it themselves are not the ones who "need" it.

Kathy B.
Kathy B.8 years ago

In all due respect, i adamately oppose the fur trade done by fur farming as a whole but i know first hand what coyotes can do. I lived in georgia for many years and in rural areas coyotes have become a very big problem, they will not hesitate to take your family pet for a meal, they LOVE cats and small dogs, calves, foals, etc and they carry disease such as rabies and other diseases that will wipe out pet populations in some areas. With an overabundance of these animals they will pack up and run farm animals until they are exhausted and then go in for the kill, I have a friend who has to protect his horses from these packs in georgia and i know that georgis is not the only state that has these problems so the point is, kill the coyotes in defense of your property and your pets and maybe even your own safety and the safety of your kids, once you do shoot them, you leave the remains to rot? I don't believe in wasteful killing for sport, I know that this post is not going to be taken well by some and i don't believe in killing needlessly but don't let that animal die and rot. use all you can from it, Honor is and keep the memory and the blessing and beauty of that creature alive. I have a skull from one of those coyote alpha females from a pack and i honot and cherish that this creature existed. Maybe others should think on this and stop the wasteful killing but respect that these animals are very dangerous when they overpopulate and become desperate for food.
thank you.

Julie F.
Julie F8 years ago

totally a bad career move on his part!

Esther Lance
Esther Lance8 years ago

Totall thoughtless and callous.....and yet....
sending such a card did expose the fur-wearing! Cruelly trapping an animal for its fur is a no no.

Kim O.
Kim O8 years ago

Totally thoughtless and inappropriate. What a bonehead!!! I can say that. I have to live in the same country.

Kathleen S.
Kathy S8 years ago

People who wear fur are extremely thoughtless as to what animals go through to put that fur on a humans back. If they know what that creature went through, and how that animal died, then I have another name for them. The fur industry is a dirty business filled with brutality for the sake of money and vanity. We humans are suppose to be more humane in our dealings with creatures. Unfortunately, it isn't so because people do not want to know the truth. They just want to wallow in their daily shallow existence and not be bothered with anything other than themselves.
Then, there are those of us who care, cry, sign petitions and inform others of the truth.

Donald MacDonald
don MacDonald8 years ago

Is what he says true...or is it Trudeau ?