Hollaback Video Inadvertently Exposes Underbelly of Sexual Predators: UPDATE

Hollaback has made it their mission to end street harassment of women one video at a time.  And their latest video is a clear case of one woman ready to stand up against sexual assault.

NOTE: This video, although it does not show genitalia, does involve copious profanity and is not safe for work.

But if you need a clear understanding of why women need to fight back, Broadsheet reveals the dirty underbelly of street assaulters in a recent post.

I’ve spent a lot of time investigating the darkest, dankest corners of the Web, and yet the troglodytes of the online world never cease to amaze me. Case in point: A YouTube cellphone video is making the rounds today of a woman fearlessly confronting a flasher on a New York City subway car. She tosses out expletives, sassy gesticulations and this choice line: “My plans are done for the night. I’m escorting you to the police station. Oh yes. Oh, fucking yes.” Curious about the traffic this winner of a video (which you will find below) was getting, I clicked over to YouTube and found that one of the top referrals comes from www.dickflash.com. Naturally, I couldn’t help peeking under that virtual rock and watching all the creepy crawlies slithering about.

As you might have guessed, it’s a message board site for “exhibitionists.” (I put that in quotes because non-consensually thrusting your naked bits on unsuspecting others is more accurately “harassment” or “assault.”) A user shared a link to the video and the comments came streaming in ([sic] from here on out): “Wow, what a red headed bitch,” “What a bitch she is. She should be thankful he flashed his dick at her,” “She should be on her knees giving thanks,” “poor guy,” “if she doesn’t want to see it she can just look away,” “It looks like he is new to the US and didnt at the time know how uptight American women can be about sex,” “i would rape the fuck out of that noisy bitch.”

It’s difficult these days to find a woman who hasn’t been accosted by a stranger, either by rubbing up against her in public or exposing himself.  At this point, men yelling unwanted obscenities at us is the least of our concerns.  And Clark-Flory’s post makes it clear that many of these men are actually honing their skills, trading tips on how to best accost a woman and get away from her quickly should she make a fuss in public.

These men are the epitome of predators, and women have to fight back to be safe on the streets.

UPDATE: The assailant in question was arrested and charged with forcible touching, public lewdness and sex abuse, thanks to this woman and this video.

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Judith Valente
Judith Valente7 years ago

Steven w.: I would love to ship your ass to the nearest isolated culture of 'naked primitives'...THIS IS WHAT IS INTENDED FOR THE INFANT...SUSTAINING THEIR LIVES IN THE WAY IT WAS DESIGNED BY NATURE, you jerk!
Can you handle it?

Judith Valente
Judith Valente7 years ago

Men, unequivocally, do stupid things. And they are proud of it!
Human females are the ONLY species ON EARTH that are considered the 'weaker sex'.
She should have kicked him in the balls for doing that! I would be the next in line to help her!
For any of the skeptics here: I am a medical professional. And the evidence would be that there was NO clothing between her shoe and his penis. End of discussion.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle8 years ago

As a sister, I'm PROUD of this woman, and her clever comments. "my plans are done for this evening. I'm escorting you to the police station. oh yes, oh fucking yes." GOOD FOR HER!!!

Judy H.
Judy Howard8 years ago

Way to go to this woman. A woman on a panel discussing this story made a very good suggestion. If we see a situation like this ourselves while riding, we could all group together against that sexual predator.

Diedre D.
Diedre D.8 years ago

until you have actually experienced abuse, please reserve comment. It is an everlasting, integral part of your life. You keep wondering how many others had to suffer the same fate or worse... Good for you girl for having the guts to stand up to this perv...

Bev Minto
Bev Blackburn8 years ago

Steven W...you are joking, right? No wonder breast feeding rates are falling if people like you think it's an assault akin to flashing when a mother feeds her baby the way nature intended. Jeeze, I'm so glad I don't live in your head.
I bet you don't have a single problem with looking at women's breasts for porno purposes though huh!

Helen M.
Helen H8 years ago

You go girl! This woman is AWESOME!!! Problem is we are accosted EVERYWHERE we look. Do a search on 'friends' on google and bam! you get accosted with pics of prostitues or wannabe prostitues exposing themselves to the cyber world. I don't want to see naked women anymore than I want to see naked men. AM I UPTIGHT??? No. I can play with the best of them. But, I have the RIGHT to not get sexually abused every time I want to watch a movie or get on the web. I don't WANT to see this and yet it's flung in my face all the time. Men make the laws and so we're stuck with this shit. But, then, I realize there are a lot more important things to focus on, like hunger and war and the environment. My question is, aren't we a "Christian nation?" prove it to me.

Christine S.

Good for her for putting that idiot in his place. For Steve W, who doesn't think it was a big deal, you know that if a homosexual flashed in front of a hetero male, all the men would say it was justifiable homicide!

Lika S.
Lika P8 years ago

Too much abuse happens. And Steve W. - get real. Breast feeding is sustaining an infant's life. Whipping out a penis in a dark ally is rape. And you want to say it's the same thing? Don't think so. It's your train of thought is why women still get raped, and men think they're entitled to do it.

Unfortunately, it's only when we make this kind of loud noise is when something gets done about it. Too bad rapists and molesters can't just take no for an answer. Otherwise we wouldn't have to call this much attention to it.

Amy Masreliez
Amy Masreliez8 years ago

Steven W's comment illuminates for me why this is about culture and all of the advocacy & effective law enforcement in the world won't change attitudes. He would likewise be assaulted if he saw a woman breast feeding her child? I am trying to understand how a view could become so warped and twisted.