Home Cooking Makes You Live Longer

If you’re the type of person whose idea of cooking dinner is hitting speed dial for your favorite take-out, take note: changing your habits could lengthen your lifespan.A new study published in the Cambridge University Press has shown that people who cook at home at least five days a week have a 47 percent higher chance of being alive 10 years later.

The study, which focused on a group of 1,888 men and women 65 years and older living in Taiwan quizzed participants about lifestyle factors. Participants answered questions about their cooking habits, household circumstances, diets, education, shopping habits, transportation and smoking.

The survey took place ten years ago; at the time, 43 percent of participants never cooked, 17 percent cooked 1-2 times per week, 9 percent cooked 3-5 times a week, and 31 percent cooked five or more times each week. Recently, researchers caught up with the participants to see how many were still living. Examining the answers of participants who hadn’t passed away with those who had, they found that frequent cooking factored into survival.

Women particularly unmarried women were more likely to be frequent cooks, and fared better in survival. That’s not to say that home cooking is a silver bullet; women already tend to live longer than men, and culturally, are more practiced at cooking. And general good health also made cooking possible, since cooking requires trips to the store, shopping and walking.

Still, after controlling for those factors, researchers still found reason to believe that home cooking can lead to longevity.

All other factors taken into account, “the relationship between frequent cooking and mortality is strong,”says the study’s lead author, Professor Mark Wahlquist of the National Health Research Institute in Taiwan. “It is part of physical, mental, and indeed social activity,” leading those who do it to maintain good health in more ways than one.

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Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a year ago

thanks for sharing.

PrimaAWAY B.
PrimaAWAY B4 years ago

Jenevieve P.

Just like Jen I also have had strokes but I never ever in my life have added any salt to my food personally. A lot of take out or packaged food has a ton of sodium in it. I do not drink soda/pop either. Once or twice a year and is locally made with unusual ingredients in the health section /organic. It does not have syrups or sodium. Twice a year I do that. If i ate something with too much sodium my hands would be all swollen and i would be so thirsty. However I love peppercorn.

I'm hungry if you can't tell.

I only want something healthy. The title actually of the article is homecooking makes you healthier. Only if you cook healthy and there are so many healthy things that can be cooked and taste wonderful .Especially if you enjoy cooking.

PrimaAWAY B.
PrimaAWAY B4 years ago

I fully believe and agree with this. Now, I only wish I hade my own cook.
When I eat I do eat only healthy items but I could eat even better if I cooked. I don't eat enough that's all.

I never go to a drive thru and never order pizza. Not for 25 years or so.

I do however once in in a while am able to take out healthy prepared items from my grocery store which is way into health this and that. My favorite snack is cooked green beans cold .I eat them like people eat chips. I do not eat any junk what so ever.
Although I still think if we all grew our own food and went back many years ,we would be better off. I don't trust what is done to food. You never know.

Good post .Thank You !

Jenevieve P.
Past Member 4 years ago

Since I had my stroke, I don't eat out alot due to the amount of salt that is put into food! That and I find the food here in restaurants to be terrible! That, and it's just oo expensive to eat out!
Like Dale said, home food, and that which is grown in your own garden is free of pestcides and it tastes better!

Dale Overall

Have always loved to cook from scratch, food is tastier that way especially if grown in one's own garden even if the garden is a balcony garden. No pesticides. There are also local farmer's market, meat raised organically. One always knows what is going into the dinner. Even dandelion salads are great mixed with spinach.

Carole R.
Carole R5 years ago


Joe R.
Joe R5 years ago

Nothing compares to home cooking!

Nicole Gorman
Nicole Gorman5 years ago

At least with home cooking you know EXACTLY what you're putting in to the food you and your family are eating.

Patricia Garcia Ces
Patricia Ces5 years ago

Thanks for sharing!

Erika M.
Erika M5 years ago

Why do people think that living longer is a good thing?