Homeless Men Sue For Beatings In Sex Fetish Videos

A new lawsuit is a little too shocking and bizarre to believe – homeless men claim that they were paid minimal sums to be beaten by half-naked women for a fetish website.  After receiving emotional and physical “beatdowns” by the women, the men are suing for medical costs and emotional distress.  Spokespeople for the site say that they will countersue.

One of the plaintiffs, George Grayson, said that he submitted to seven “beatdowns” over the course of several months, for which he was paid about $50.  “I’m still in a little bit of pain from a couple of weeks ago,” he said. “I’m just trying to deal with it mentally right now.”

The website descriptions show just how horrible these “fights” were: 

“This is the second part of Julie’s domination beatdown of Army Guy,” one reads. “In this final part, she whips her biggest admirer with a crop, tramples him, puts him in bondage, spits on him, and totally humiliates and dominates him while also displaying her usual array of kicks and punches. This is a Julie very few have seen before.”

Homeless advocate G.W. Rolle said that he began to investigate the issue when he noticed homeless men with black eyes and split lips.  He began interviewing and photographing men with similar injuries and stories, and eventually the lawsuit was filed, saying that the men were vulnerable, desperate for money, and exploited by Jeff Williams, J.P. Florida Productions, “Cindy Doe” and “Jane Does 1-5.”

Spokespeople for the site have said that the men consented to the “beatdowns,” and knew what they were getting themselves into.  “These men are crack addicts and will say anything for money,” Williams said.  “They’ve come back many times, which makes it pretty consensual.”

The issue will, of course, be trickier if the men did actually consent to the beatings, but even so, their vulnerability seems to cast the websites’ actions into a dangerous moral territory.  Of course, as Anna North writes on Jezebel, “‘corporal punishment and domination’ can be enjoyable for some people when it’s consensual” – even though this doesn’t seem to have been very consensual because it involved a vulnerable population.   How the law will come down is another question, but the whole situation is incredibly ethically dubious – and clearly damaging for the homeless men involved.


Photo from andi.vs.zf via flickr


Michael MacDonald

as much as I agree with most of everyone on here.
Stop assuming all homeless people are addicts.
Plenty of normal people end up on the streets for whatever reasons and I'm sure they all don't want to be thrown in the same boat.

Michael MacDonald

what is with society now a days.
people are getting their kicks watching homeless people getting beaten up??
I'd like to see one of these people last one night on the street.
They have no idea how hard it is.

Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

*shaking head* People have fetishes. Granted. It's supposed to "hurt so good" like the song. While it's for some sexual humiliation, homeless people need basics too, and these people took advantage. Beating someone isn't sex, and sex isn't abuse. These people didn't say they were paying these guys to be abused. To me, it's a tamer version of these snuff films where the victims may have consented to being choked while they orgasm, they never agreed to die. The videos should be banned and those who made & participated should be sued.

Abused men have it too hard as it is, so please sign this petition to get them the services they need -

Jeane Garrett
Jeane Garrett6 years ago

This world is just plain crazy. You can find just about anything online now - no morals left and we're going to hell in a hand basket as the saying goes.

Allan Yorkowitz
.6 years ago

I commented on this before. I would love to hear the judge's ruling on this one.

Dana W.
Dana W6 years ago

Even if the beatings were consensual, I'm sure many of these homeless people didn't plan on being beaten so severely, and I think it is outrageous that this site is making money off the desperation of some people and the sadistic voyeurism of others.

Don Go
Don Go6 years ago

I agree that it may be consensual, so perhaps the company can't be shut down.

Perhaps the best solution is that it now has to have some sort of legitimate agreement, a waver or something, and that for now, it has to pay for medical treatment of those injuries.

This way you can officially establish a moral code in the system, give leeway for the men who really are willing to do so--of course, discussion of the terms on which a man is allowed to take the job should be done--and at the same time make the company pay for their immoral actions so far .

Cef V.
Cef V.6 years ago

Whoever has a hard on with this and other stuff, such as crush videos, needs to worry more about the blood flow to the brain rather than to other body parts.

Consensual? heh, yeah of course, just as consensual as slave-labour in the third world, and consensual as mothers who prostitute themselves for the sake of feeding their children.

In a world where your options are limited by the treacherous caprice of economic elites, widespread despise towards the "weak", lack of support from impotent and industry puppet governments, and the utter apathy from a rotten social system.

Tell me what is consent? What is freedom?

But of course, who has the money has the power and the virtue. The producers of that sick porn may think they were doing a favour to the homeless, it was a fair exchange of labour for money, and if they were to die in the set, well, who would give a damn eh?

I just hope the lawsuit will go well, but I have the sad feeling that this will end up in a legal circus where the creeps will say that producing violent porno is an extension of their freedom of speech, just like crush videos and pitbull fighting footage are an experimental form of art...

Something stupid this way comes.


Christa Deanne
Oceana Ellingson6 years ago

This is horrible. Homeless people already have hard enough lives, ten these sick fucks do this to them? Obviously they're going to go back, they need money, and they want drugs, but what they really need is help and support to become better citizens; abuse and humiliation is not going to help out their situations.

Ernie Miller
william M6 years ago

Coming back dont necessarly mean consent when they are dealing with a population that cant really make a decision because they are in withdraw from drugs. It is just simple exploitation.