“Honor” Crimes Against Women in UK Rose Almost 50% Last Year

Women in the United Kingdom are resisting forced marriage and other abuses of their human rights. Unfortunately, as a result of their resistance, the number of so-called “honor” crimes is increasing rapidly. In 2010, there were 2823 incidents of “honor” crimes recorded by police, which is an increase of 47% over the previous year.

According to the Guardian, “honor” crimes can include “threats, abduction, acid attacks, beatings, forced marriage, mutilation and murder.” Victim support organizations estimate that the real figures could be up to four times as high, since most incidents still go unreported and because one quarter of UK police forces didn’t provide data.

The UK is not the only Western nation to struggle under these types of crimes against women. In Canada, a Montreal resident Mohammad Shafia, his second wife Tooba, and his son Hamed have been charged in the “honor” killing of his three daughters and his first wife. In February 2011, Faleh Hassan Almaleki was convicted of second degree murder in the death of his 20 year old daughter who he claimed had become “too Westernized.” The United Nations estimates that around 5,000 women and girls are murdered by their own families each year in countries around the world.

This disturbing trend in the UK has even become the subject of an award winning film. In Land Gold Women, an Indian immigrant murders his daughter in an “honor” killing after she rejects an arranged marriage and instead elopes with her English boyfriend. The film won the National Award for Best Film in English in 2010 and has received praise at numerous national and international film festivals.

How can the daughters of immigrants protect themselves while seeking independence when their fathers and brothers are willing to give up anything to prevent them from doing so?

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Shaheen N.
Shaheen N3 years ago

I am surprised that 'Honor Killing is happening in UK. I thought it only happened in rural Pakistan where sadly, the Feudal system still exists.

Scott haakon
Scott haakon5 years ago

Wake up people this is happening all over. The West with it's Political Correctness has caused this. Time to rearm and bring back the death penalty.

Salim Ansari
Salim Ansari5 years ago

where ever this kind of killing is committed, he or she must be stripped off his nationality and sent back to his origin country, its the only solution.

Fiona T.
Past Member 5 years ago

Can their basic right be respected?

Connie T.
Past Member 5 years ago

There is no such thing as an "honour" killing! It is murder whatever those responsible want to call it!

Ann Fuller
Ann Fuller6 years ago

It is time that THE PEOPLE of every country make known their feelings instead of keeping quiet. We can not & should not stand by and see women/girls treated like this.

Jax L.

All I can say is I'm utterly appalled. This is my 'civilised' country?

Irine L.
Irine L6 years ago

For all those who think this is agenda, you are ignorant sheep. Islam is a source of disturbance and destruction every land that it invades. European countries such as Britain and France and Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Norway have accepted these backward people who munch off the govt, have multiple kids and many dont work yet terrorize the other people in the neighborhoods they reside in. There have been numerous rapes committed against non Muslim women who are mind you natives of these countries, yet they cant feel safe in their own backyard? Many of these predominantly Muslim hoods you cant even step into bcs its like being transported to one of the Islam mongering lands these Islam trash came from. How is that fair or normal for them to dictate their backward ways in a liberal society that was kind and welcoming enough to accept them and give them aid to assimilate? The problem is that their goal is not assimilation. I wont give you millions of other examples of how Islam functions worldwide, which Im sure you are already familiar with, I will just ask you, did you hear about the recent incident in Nigeria? The ones who killed on Xmas and cause civil unrest throughout Nigeria bcs Nigeria shouldnt become too Western? Nuff said. And yes, Im not politically correct.

Ed O.

Elaine wrote: According to a post by Ameer T. 1:18am PST on Dec 26, 2011,

"Crime whether it be the kind that is honor killing or rape or murder or anything else, it is just that. a crime. the criminal cannot be a representative of a whole people or an established system. No one says since there is rape or murder or theft in a country that is sanctioned by the system in place there. it is a failure of the system at some point, not a creation of it. No system could go on for any space of time if human rights were meant to be violated as a part of that system. "

THIS IS A LIE! The SYSTEM of PATRIARCHY is where MEN treat women like domestic animals! This is the NORM and NOT an aberation! Also islam along with christianity, judaism and hinduism are ALL male supremacist religions in which MEN ARE GOD (since god doesnt exist)

Pego Rice
Pego R6 years ago

In this I have to agree with both of you and disagree. When a country legalizes something, or at least systematically fails to enforce law out there to protect human life, or even creates laws that aflict the minoirities, those who lack power, etcetera, for things that do no real and physical harm like differences of opinion, of dress or religion or looks, whatever, these represent a society and a nation that has issues.

Unfortunatly, all countries have SOME kind of issues and our country has a really indecent share. When we target the country, instead of the issues we are just hypocrytes and we allow ourselves to be used to further those interests that are promoting war, which doesn't fix anything.

Why are we (in the US and the west) not removing our money from ALL the governments? We the citizens have allowed coprporate interests take our governments over, or at least a really critical amount of foreign policy.

Not to mention the fact that it is just durned embarassing to see my fellow Americans scream about Iran today for doing something that Pat Roberson did yesterday. Geeze people, don't you "get" that Iran is just the next tool to get money out of our pockets and distract the public from REALLY critical issues at home?