Honoring Giffords, Congress Puts Work On Hold

In response to the tragic events in Tucson, Arizona, last Saturday, House Republicans are postponing a vote to repeal the healthcare law that had been scheduled for Wednesday.

Postponing The Healthcare Law Vote

From The Hill:

Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said in a statement late Saturday that “all legislation currently scheduled to be considered by the House of Representatives next week is being postponed so that we can take whatever actions may be necessary in light of today’s tragedy.”

“Further information relating to a revised House schedule will be released tomorrow,” Cantor added.

He said he had spoken with leaders of both parties before making the decision.

The House was scheduled to vote on the healthcare repeal bill on Wednesday. That was the only major piece of legislation scheduled for the week. The House had planned to debate the bill Tuesday, and is scheduled to be out of session Monday.

“In light of yesterday’s tragedy, our focus has changed,” said Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) “Fox News Sunday.” “We’re focused on what happened in Arizona, and we need to make sure that we are responding appropriately to that tragedy before we get involved in the legislative business of Congress.”

President Obama Leads Moment Of Silence

In other tokens of respect, President Obama led a moment of silence on Monday morning, White House flags are at half-staff, and memorials continue in Tucson and Washington.

The House Agenda This Week?

It’s unclear what the House will do this week, but personally I would like it if they discussed the target map that Sarah Palin published, showing Gabrielle Giffords’ Congressional District under the cross hairs of a gun.

It may well turn out that there is no direct link between this map and the suspect, 22-year-old Jared Loughner, but surely such maps are raising the level of violent rhetoric in this country?

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LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Thank you.

Sandra S.
Sandra S7 years ago

David Brooks,op-ed columnist for the NY Times & moderate Republican, had this to say:

"Mainstream news organizations linked the attack to an offensive target map issued by Sarah Palin’s political action committee. The Huffington Post erupted, with former Senator Gary Hart flatly stating that the killings were the result of angry political rhetoric. Keith Olbermann demanded a Palin repudiation and the founder of the Daily Kos wrote on Twitter: “Mission Accomplished, Sarah Palin.” Others argued that the killing was fostered by a political climate of hate.

These accusations — that political actors contributed to the murder of 6 people, including a 9-year-old girl — are extremely grave. They were made despite the fact that there was, and is, no evidence that Loughner was part of these movements or a consumer of their literature. They were made despite the fact that the link between political rhetoric and actual violence is extremely murky. They were vicious charges made by people who claimed to be criticizing viciousness."


Mary D.
Mary DiBlasi7 years ago

I think they should honor representative Giffords by doing the work of this country although I'm just as glad they are putting off voting on repealing the healthcare bill. Things have been stalled for long enough. We need some forward momentum, some progress so we can get this country going again. And we need to forget if we are republicans or democrats and just do what's best for the country and help those that need it the most. Find jobs for those who haven't been able to work in a while and help them get back on their feet. Get the economy moving and start looking at each other like we are neighbors again and not the enemy. If we work together we'll get a lot further a lot faster. It seems like somewhere along the line the people in charge have forgotten that. Someone needs to remind them.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

NO. Not an appropriate way to honor what happened. And Rep. King proposing a law to make it illegal to get within 1000 ft of a member of Congress? What? Are we the people fodder?

The only thing that makes SENSE is to do something substantial about America's gun laws. Since Brady was gunned down when Reagan was shot, he and his wife have tried in vain to put sensible gun laws in place. The NRA has terrorized (and I use that word appropriately and on purpose) Congress with defeat unless they give gun owners almost complete freedom to carry and shoot any weapon where and when they want, with impunity. To have the right to hunt and defend one's home is reasonable; all else, NOT, for the safety of the American people.

Susan T.
Susan T7 years ago

Yes Sandra there was anger on the left 00-08.

BUT no one w/ a public platform like Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, fantasized abt assassinating the Pres. Or repeated endlessly: the Pres consorts w/ terrorists, isn't a native citizen, is a Muslim (why wd this be a problem anyway), Dems are bringing death panels, are going to kill Granny etc...

Show me where Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Ed Shultz or Randi Rhodes indulged in on air MURDER fantasies of right wing figures - as Beck, Limbaugh & O'Reilly hv w/ Obama/liberals.

Re:NYC RNC convention - "RNC Not Welcome" site is free speech, as wd be "DNC Not Welcome". Unfortunately our right to peacefully assemble & protest has been gutted so much that it's easy to be "illegal" when peacefully protesting.

People hv been showing up when Pres speaks or @ Town Hall meetings wearing GUNS visibly. Peaceful?

BTW, the mentally ill are NOT statistically more likely to be violent than normal people.
"Violence was more likely to be associated with high levels of anger & high degrees of impulsiveness than it was w/ delusions."
..one factor that does seem to increase the risk of violence by a mentally ill person -- drug or alcohol abuse

We may never know what set this guy off.

I hv a schizophrenic relative. He was diagnosed after a breakdown set off by 9/11 & realizing he & his friends in the military were going to hv to go kill people. Non-violent g

Jan N.
Jan N7 years ago

They aren’t taking “whatever actions may be necessary in light of [Saturday's] tragedy.”
If they need an entire week off, then they should all be in Tucson on Wednesday. Otherwise, it’s a meaningless gesture.

Sandra S.
Sandra S7 years ago

Susan, what about 2000-2008? The Left said much & did much then. There has been plenty of vitriol and the call for violence by a number of people on the Left. The Left is not always a peaceful lot. You may not have heard about the call for violence against the RNC, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. It will be impossible to compare numbers. We both have our own perspectives on who did or said what & view the other side as having been worse. I doubt we're going to accept much of what the other one posts.

Susan T.
Susan T7 years ago

Sandra - Respectfully, the examples of articles you cite are not even close to the volume of violent language on Fox

Did you read the link I posted that quotes O'Reilly talking about decapitation, Beck about poisoning Pelosi, Huckabee & others about Obama being assassinated, & Kucinich burning to death?

Beck talks about the government "coming for you" - "violence is coming" over & over

The CNN post abt Obama going "gansta" - barely worth mentioning. 99.9% of the article talks w/ NO hint of violent language abt how Obama has not fought for his values, just let Republicans walk all over him.

Once again I have to challenge you to read links I posted. The volume of violent talk & the venom of it is very disturbing.

One of yr links talks abt violent acts & that is indeed tragic & frightening. But again - there are as many or more that have been committed against liberals. There is no realistic comparison of the degree of violent talk fr Palin, Limbaugh, Beck etc w/ liberal speech.

When did Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann EVER call for violence? Answer : NEVER

Funny, I am a progressive who lives in NYC but I never heard about the call for violence against the RNC convention. In fact, the police were sued for over-reaching in their "crackdown" on protestors - arresting a chinese food delivery guy & someone who just stepped out of their apt, then dumping people in an ancient asbestos laden pier on the Hudson.

Sandra S.
Sandra S7 years ago


A few more examples of negative behavior or speech from the Left:

2-10 "CNN, Huffington Post Urge Violence Against Republicans"

10-09 "Liberals' Violence Warning Comes a Year Late"

"Democrats, Leftists, and Elite
Media Inciting Violence Against Republicans"

...or how about when Leftist protestors and Democratic Party supporters promised to hit New York City in force during the Republican National Convention -- and many of them openly advocated violence. The “RNC Not Welcome” website advised its protestors, “The only time it's okay to speak about illegal actions is when you are planning them with the small group of trusted people who will be doing the action with you.” This website is far from alone in its open calls to perpetrate violence in the streets.

There's Air America, SEIU, the President e.g. “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” , Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, MSNBC,etc.

I'm not attempting to claim that the Right is totally free of any reason to critize them, I'm only pointing out that the Left isn't either. It's not at all one sided as some would claim.