Horrific Conditions for Factory Farmed Chickens Exposed

Kreider Farms is hell on earth for egg-laying chickens. The Humane Society of the United States released a mercifully short video summarizing its investigation of the conditions at Kreider.

According to HSUS, the investigation revealed:

  • Birds were severely overcrowded in cages more cramped than the national average; each hen received only 5458 square inches of space on which to spend her life.
  • Injured and dead hens, including mummified bird carcasses, were found inside cages with living hens laying eggs for human consumption.
  • Hens were left without water for days when a water source malfunctioned, causing many to die.
  • Hens’ legs, wings, and heads were found trapped in cage wires and automated feeding machinery.
  • A thick layer of dead flies on the barn floors caused a crunching sound when walking on it.

Nicholas D. Kristof reports in The New York Times that Kreider produces “4.5 million eggs each day for supermarkets like ShopRite” — it is no fly-by-night operation, and its policies condemn millions of chickens to lives of unrelenting suffering.

Kristof reports that Kreider crams so many birds into small cages that they can hardly move for their entire lives. According to Kristof, HSUS’s investigator reported that the stench and filth in the barns are so repulsive that workers spend as little time in them as possible. Sadly the birds don’t have the option of walking out the door.

Kristof quotes Ron Kreider, president of Kreider Farms, as saying, “The reality of food processing can be off-putting to those not familiar with animal agriculture.” Not exactly reassuring words for those who care how animals raised for food are treated.

The recent good news that the United Egg Producers and HSUS reached an agreement to support legislation that would improve conditions for chickens on factory farms was not hailed by all egg producers. Some of these companies, like Kreider, are not members of UEP and do not follow even the minimal industry guidelines currently in place for humane treatment.

The UEP-HSUS agreement does not guarantee passage of federal legislation protecting factory-farmed chickens. Urge Congress to enact the law, H.R. 3798 (a companion Senate bill is in the works), by signing the petition below.

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Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Vanessa Wolfe
Vanessa Wolfe6 years ago

We need to stop the sugar coating from huge agribusiness & misinformation out there, exposure needs to be stepped up so these disgusting farming practices are there for all to see. Cries from some that you can't show such graphic footage on television, it's the plain and ugly truth and that needs to be shown. The general populous need to be woken up to the horrors faced everyday by animals at hands of humans for the choices they make.

Patricia H.
Patricia H.6 years ago


Roger B.
Roger B6 years ago

I read that Ron Kreider recently had an asshole transplant but, inexplicably, the asshole rejected him.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to make the scum who operate these hell-on-earth factory farms live in the same conditions that they impose on these poor chickens.

Suzie Hughes
Susan Hughes6 years ago

Please list which stores use these Kreider farms eggs. I will be sure and watch for the name on the egg cartons, but the stores need to be boycotted and told why.

John Gray

Its all about money. GO VEGAN. I did and feel a lot better, have more power, more health and I'm not killing the Planet or torturing animals. Lest you think mine was an emotional choice, I went vegan when I worked for the US National Cancer Institute and learned twe real facts about meat.

Livestock producers have so much money and power they were able to apply political power to alter the scientific facts and recommendations - so I resigned in protest over that and the lack of interest in AIDS research. That was in the early 80's. I'm now 67, active, healthy and not contributing to the global warming that animal husbandry creates.

And I'm not part of the cruelty to animals that no decent human being should condone or participate in.

Remember that chicken factories also kill all male chicks (they don't lay eggs) and feed the remaining females meth so they will lay 10-12 eggs/day. The drugs are passed on to you in every egg and chicken you eat.

And t doesn't stop with chickens - every animal you eat is altered in the name of profit.

Go Vegan - I didn't even get into the global warming facts of animal husbandry!

Barbara DelGiudice

I don't buy eggs and meat. I did buy some eggs that said they were from free range chickens, but I don't think I will buy they again. I an not positive. All of you please keep praying for this to stop. Just keep getting the word out. I can't stand reading this and knowing there is so much suffering going on. There has to be a world wide law to stop all of this. I can't stand it. Please keep commenting and sharing on facebook. That will get the word out.

Lucy K.
Lucy Koch6 years ago

Want to know how to get ignorant people to care? Stick them in a cramped battery cage and force them to sh*t where they eat. They can stay there for a whole year. And don't forget, no fresh running water, no day light, no room to stretch, no medical care. And when their roommate dies, leave the corpse there.

Cynthia Mattera
Cynthia Mattera6 years ago

People who own these factory farms amaze me by the comments they make. Like, it's ok to cram birds into small cages.It's ok for them to go without food, water,fresh air and sunlihgt. It's ok for dead and dying birds to go without medical treatment. Like , this is the norm so it's ok? Hell no, it's not ok, and thank God more people are in agreement. They wnat humane treatment for farm animals. They deserve it too!! Of course the best thing we can all do is stop eating meat. But if you all out there still eat meat, I think you should all be pushing for "Certified Humane" farms, and no more factory farming! No animal should ever have to suffer like this!

Heather N.
Heather N6 years ago

I wish everyone could have the opportunity to raise their own chickens. I know what my sweet little hens eat to make my eggs - fruits, veggies & bugs on my pecticide frre farm. They have the freedom to roam the farm and each one has a personality of its own. We are lucky to be able to buy our meat from a local butcher and know that it is raised on local farms. Please support your local farmers and stop buying your meat and produce from big chain stores. We need your help to keep our family farms running. If you want safe food just go to a farmers market and speak to us - we are happy to tell you how we run our farms.