Horrific Ukraine Rape Sparks Political Storm

An 18-year-old gang raped and set on fire in Ukraine has died. Her case has caused outrage as two of the attackers with political connections were set free.

Oksana Makar died from severe burns and lung damage. Medics had amputated one of her arms and both her legs to try to keep her alive.

In a Youtube video filmed by her mother, she described from her hospital bed how she was raped, strangled and burned by three men in an attack which stripped off 55 percent of her skin.

Her mother asks her what punishment her attackers should receive, she replies that their testicles should be cut off and fed to dogs. But two of her attackers, Maxim Prisyjnikov, 23, the son of the regional administrator, and Artyon Pogosyan, 21, the son of the regional prosecutor, were initially freed by police in the town of Mykolayiv in southern Ukraine.

Makar says she was invited by Prisyjnikov and Pogosyan to their friend Yevgeniy Krasnoshek’s apartment, where she was allegedly raped.

They tried to strangle her to death before wrapping her in a sheet, dumping her in a pit at a construction site and setting her alight.

She was found barely alive the following day by a man who heard her moaning. After undergoing surgery, she was finally able to recount her ordeal to police.

The perceived corruption sparked mass protests including by naked women outside Ukraine’s parliament holding placards reading ‘Death to sadists.’ The two initially freed have now been arrested and President Viktor Yanukovich has sent an investigating team to Mykolayiv.

The children of Ukraine’s elite are known as mazhory, or rich brats. They are known for often shocking behavior such as public violence or causing death by dangerous driving, as well as murder. Some have landed in court but usually they get away unpunished or with misdemeanors, critics say, because of powerful parents.

Ukraine slipped to the 152nd place of 183 countries in Transparency International’s 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index.


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Loo Samantha
Loo sam5 years ago

justice !!!!!!!

Lori E.
Lori E5 years ago

Horrible. That poor girl :(

Mandy Harker
Mandy H5 years ago

That is disgusting! Those horrible monsters should not be let off just because they have parents in high places. They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law or they should suffer the fate that the victim wanted them to.
Having powerful parents who can pay large amounts of money doesn't mean that those who hurt others should get off scott free just because they have money. If they continue to be excused for appalling behavior just because their parents have money and power they'll continue to abuse, hurt and kill others.

Marie Therese Hanulak

These sadists deserve to have their balls cut off, but not given to dogs who might get rabies from them. Some himans do not deserve to live!

Ernie Miller
william Miller5 years ago

How sick

Jackie D.
Jackie D5 years ago

Oops. Please ignore last post.

Jackie D.
Jackie D5 years ago

"Simply put, raising beef, pigs, sheep, chicken, and eggs is very, very energy intensive. More than half of all the grains grown in America actually go to feed animals, not people, says the World Resources Institute. That means a huge fraction of the petroleum-based herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers applied to grains, plus staggering percentages of all agricultural land and water use, are put in the service of livestock. Stop eating animals and you use dramatically less fossil fuels, as much as 250 gallons less oil per year for vegans, says Cornell University’s David Pimentel, and 160 gallons less for egg-and-cheese-eating vegetarians."

Argue with that one, trolls.

Jackie D.
Jackie D5 years ago

In the late 80s an Australian journalist went to the USSR and wrote about life there. He said it was common to see a woman in Moscow hitching late at night, alone, because hitch-hiking was considered an acceptable and safe way for women to get around after the USSR's affordable and plentiful public transport closed for the night. Now of course they all enjoy the same freedoms as us, including the right of the obscenely rich to rape women and get away with it. Now that's progress for you.

Theresa G.
T G5 years ago

On the higher vibrational levels, rape is considered worse than murder. The two rapers have only temporarily gotten off from taking FULL responsibility for their socio/psychopathic behavior on the 3D dimensional level. But not unlike all such dark souls presently on this planet, they too, and those who willingly allowed them to go free, will soon be rounded up by those they cannot hide or run away from and tried in a court of law that no one can buy their way out of. TRUE justice for Oksana, and all those like her, is coming very soon!

Carl Nielsen
Carl Nielsen5 years ago

Why do you call the former communist oligarcs who now rule the sucessor states right wing?