Horse Tripping Video Reignites Call for Ban


A video from the Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo in southeastern Oregon taken in May is making its way around the web and has infuriated animal advocates and reignited a push for legislation banning horse tripping in the state.

The clips, taken by Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), show graphic footage of horses being roped around their necks and legs, before they go violently crashing to the ground. In one gut-wrenching scene, a bucking horse is shown wildly swinging a broken leg that’s being held on by nothing but skin as he continues to try to escape his tormenters, another one miraculously escapes a broken neck in a fall.

Rodeo supporters call injuries and deaths freak accidents. They say they care for their animals. They say they don’t mean to hurt them. They continue to fight for their right to blatantly provoke and abuse sentient creatures for nothing more than entertainment …to prove their skills by dominating non-human animals who have no choice and no protection from their hideous onslaught.

They argue that rodeo events are a way to show our heritage and culture.

Animal advocates disagree.

“Truly horrific and outrageously cruel,” said Scott Beckstead of Sutherlin, Senior Director of the HSUS in Oregon. “The harder they fell, the louder people cheered.”

Last year, a bill that would have made horse tripping a Class B misdemeanor with a $2,500 fine and up to six months in jail died after rodeo advocates put pressure on legislators, arguing that it could eventually lead to a ban on calf and steer roping, or impact other ranch activities.

According to Beckstead, who introduced the bill, it also suffered “in part because people were saying this doesn’t happen in Oregon anymore.”

Clearly it does and animal advocates rightfully want to see Oregon join other states that have stood up for the humane treatment of animals by banning horse tripping.


Please sign and share the petition asking the Oregon legislature to reintroduce and support legislation that would ban horse tripping.

You can also contact the rodeo’s sponsors, Les Schwab Tire Centers and the Idaho Power Company, to ask them to pull their support.

More behind the scenes cruelty….


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carol k.
carol k5 years ago

signed & writing letters to Gov's of Nevada, Oregon, New Mexico, Oklahoma

Cynthia Blais
cynthia l5 years ago

heartbreaking and Insane

Lynn Carin
Lynn Carin6 years ago

I commend for bringing this to the attention of CARING people... I have lost RESPECT for people who make 'rodeos', those who support rodeos (the people who advertise) and the people who attend rodeos and think that this events are acceptable... the fact is, ANIMAL ABUSE is UNacceptable, it's that simple. Thank you, S.H.A.R.K ~ your videos explain it all. Here's another site that explains the TRUTH about what is happening to animals in our country and around the world (

LMj Sunshine
James merritt jr6 years ago

Heartbreaking, cruel, signed, thank you!

LMj Sunshine
James merritt jr6 years ago

Heartbreaking, cruel, signed, thank you!

Past Member
Past Member 6 years ago

It is discouraging to watch and hear in the 21st century a crowd cheering on some people cruelly abusing animals in an arena. This country is still far from being civilized. We are still caught in the middle ages with one leg.

Tami W.
Tami W.6 years ago

This is just as barbaric as the bull fighting in Spain, abusing animals for entertainment. I thought we were more civilized than this!

Sara Pemberton
Sara Pemberton6 years ago

For the four morons that think this is OK, LET'S DO THE SAME THING TO YOU AND SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT!!!

Pathetic, ignorant savages!! You are a menace to animals and to this earth!! If you are that much of an animal abuser, YOU DON'T NEED TO BE ON THIS SITE!!! Animal Cruelty IS animal cruelty and if you are too stupid to know THIS is animal torture then you don't need to be roaming the streets!!! ALL animals are GODs animals, not yours to do what ever your creeped out mind wants to do!!

Cheryle Nowlin
Cheryle N6 years ago there no limit to what humans will pay to take their children to see? Really??????

Sandra Patterson
Sandra ;atterson6 years ago

signed shared and pissed