Abused Horses Rescued: Welcome to Paradise (VIDEO)

This is a heartwarming story about badly mistreated, malnourished and neglected horses, donkeys and mules who — after suffering for years — were finally seized from a property in West Virginia. The animals have been relocated to Paradise Stables, a rehabilitation farm in Maryland, where they now have access to 30 acres of pasture, good food and good care.  

After being fully rehabilitated, they will all be adopted into good, forever homes.

Photo credit: Zenera 


Kathleen G.
Kathleen G4 years ago

So happy those beautiful horses got the home they deserved. Freedom !!!!!

Emma S.
Emma S6 years ago

Dear oh dear! I'm an absolute sucker for a horse story with a happy ending!

Pauline Cousins
Pauline Cousins7 years ago

I am a horse owner in the Uk, and I thank god there are places like 'Green Medows' and others that come to aid suffering, mistreated and severely abused horses. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, god bless you all

Mary Bethany Collins

Throughout history (and likely before) horses got most of us where we wanted to go. Isn't it about time we started to repay them for millenia of labor with luxury and green pastures on earth.

Eliane L.
Eliane l7 years ago

Many thanks and respect for those wonderful people !

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

In Wisconsin, we have Willow Creek Ranch, an equine therapy place, where older horses and disabled people get matched up. It's a good program, and the horses really like the kids as much as the kids like them. http://www.willowcreekranch.org/

Lynn C.
Lynn C7 years ago

Yes was a no-brainer answer. As the people and the planet sickens we certainly do need as many rescue operations and the good folk who run them, as can be found. Thank you for your good hearts and willingness to do something.

Cheryl W.
Cheryl W7 years ago

Actually, they continually keep the mares pregnant & catheterized in the facilities owned by the manufacturer of Premarin. The sad part is an equivalent hormone replacement can be made from a derivative of the Mexican sweet potato. Say NO to Premarin! God Bless Paradise Stables.

carol w.
carol watson7 years ago

It's so lovely to see those horses in a safe place with loving people caring for them instead of being with the heartless bastard who was quite happy to see them nearly starve to death.God bless you lovely people for taking them in and giving them a happy life from now on.

Amina T.
Amina T.7 years ago

god bless you