House GOP Passes Patriot Act Extension On Second Try

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve extending several provisions of the Patriot Act despite failing to pass the same measure early last week.  With a vote of 275 to 144 the Republicans sent the bill to the Senate where it will also likely pass.  The real issue is whether the final bill will permanently extend the provisions or simply extend them through 2013.

Of the no votes 27 were Republicans.

The bill that cleared the House will extend the lone wolf, roving wiretap and business records provisions within the Patriot Act through December, giving some small hope to those who continue to oppose these measures as unnecessarily intrusive that they can convince Congress to act to shore up the bill without continuing the assault on civil liberties seen since its passage.

After the initial defeat of the measure last week Democrats tried to move the bill back to the House Judiciary Committee which would have blocked today’s vote.  The motion would have also added language to the measure stating that investigations of U.S. citizens under an extended authority “shall be conducted in a manner that complies with the Constitution of the United States,” including the Bill of Rights and would have expedited any federal court proceedings involving investigations of U.S. citizens related to the Patriot Act.

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Teresa S.
Teresa S6 years ago

Amen!!!! Momcat Susie!!!! It IS a SERIOUSLY TREMENDOUS INVASION of our PRIVACY!!!!!! It's as private asif there were a camera on you,as you sat on the comode!!

John B.
John B7 years ago

There is ample cause to have human rights. It is that when you have people who are criminal or insane having any semblance of power they will abuse it. Perhaps if one had the Dahlia Lama holding every post within the FBI and Homeland security people would not be overly concerned. But someone who passed the civil service exam... I don't think so.

Ward B.
Ward Batson7 years ago

The "Patriot Act" is anything but patriotic. We have blithely given up rights for nothing better than, well... NOTHING! REPEAL THIS HORRENDOUS BIT OF LEGISLATION NOW!

Bon L.
Bon L7 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda7 years ago

It would be interesting for someone to research just how intrusive and disruptive this law has been.

Robby C.
Past Member 7 years ago

Bob W - "Well I agree with the Dems on this at least. It is time to repeal the Patriot Act. Way past time actually"

-yes, I have to agree myself! Sigh...

Geoffrey Y.
Geoffrey Y7 years ago

Terrarium is terrible regardless live style, democrat value system or simply a hateful actions but Patriot Act or its extension do fall into a category that public is not necessary agree with. If every authority does as it should, I don’t think I have any problem with the Act or Extension. However I would doubt neither the government nor the legal system would use properly in every case. Liberty is liberty, this is only thing I respect USA as a country. Liberty does not mean no discipline and social responsibility. We prefer small government, clear division between the Fed and State.

Julie W.
Julie W7 years ago

First the good news, then.......... But there is still a little hope.

Loretta K.
Loretta K7 years ago


Matthew S.
Matthew S7 years ago

Find out if your Rep. sold your Constitutional rights down the river by passing this extension:
Stop the passage in the Senate.