House Majority PAC Goes After Duffy [VIDEO]


Sean Duffy was a favorite target for Democrats in 2010, with multiple special interest groups weighing in on the race.  The NRCC “Young Gun” made it into office on the back of the anti-Democratic Tea Party wave that swept the state of Wisconsin, but that’s making him even more tempting to come after in 2012.

House Majority PAC is starting the charge, with a new ad claiming the freshman Representative supports millionaires over the middle class.  The group has posted a sample of the ad they will be running, this one targeting California Republican Dan Lungren, which you can watch below:

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photo credit: youtube screen grab


Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda6 years ago

An ad that points out some home truths.

Hope S.
Hope Sellers6 years ago

Sean Duffy: "The benefits that were offered to me as a congressman don’t even compare to the benefits that you get as a state employee. I just experienced that myself. They’re not nearly as good."

After getting an 86 percent pay raise from his state job as an elected district attorney he's crying poor me. Duffy’s statement is generally accurate but leaves out important details. That puts his statement at Half True.

For full details see:

Article also gives insight into what Congressmen pay for benefits and what government contributes for health care and pensions.

It seems to me it's all about how much he can make and not what he can do for the people.

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson6 years ago

For Democrats to say that Republicans favor Rich people is AbsolutelyTRUE.That they take HUGE MONEY from Rich people IS ALSO ABSOLUTELY TRUE. WE Democrats NEED to tell EVERYBODY HOW we are DIFFERENT. We need to say EXACTLY WHAT WE WILL DO INSTEAD! We need to name names WITH REAL PEOPLE and show places WITH REAL PICTURES! Since Republicans yell" I-WILL-NOT". We need to reprise "YES, WE CAN" then DO IT!

Suzanne H.
Suzanne H6 years ago

I read today, New York Times, Coke- a-cola is sending 4 BILLION DOLLARS worth of jobs to China...........Boycott them all..
America we have to re-invent ourselves. Starve the beast!

James D.
James D6 years ago

Nice ad. Change the name and photo and it could run against every Republican.

Vote Progressive!

Linda T.
Linda T6 years ago

Great Ad that could definetly be run in my state with all representation being on the congressional rich list.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Like the ad.

Karen & Edward O.
Karen and Ed O6 years ago

I love it. We had a good scare in 1998 when Lundgren ran for governor of California. His campaign ads were classics in lies and distortions.
We need to get rid of him.

Sylvia M.
Sylvia M6 years ago

I got thrown by that House "Majority" label, since the Dems are not in the majority right now. I thought I had entered some alternate universe where the teabaggers had abandoned all they hold dear. So thank you to Maegan P. for the explanation. And other than that, if it is true, and that's simple to check by voting records on this issue, I say long let it air.

Maegan Prentice
Maegan Prentice6 years ago

Margaret - The House Majority PAC is a Democratic PAC. Lungren is a Republican. The ad not only makes ultimate sense to me, I am glad they are shining the light on the situation for those who tend to look away.