House Republican Thinks the EPA Is Scary


Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID) thinks that the EPA is “the scariest agency in the federal government.” He told reporters that earlier this year. On July 7, Simpson, as part of the House Interior and Environment Subcommittee, voted for a spending bill that reduces EPA funding by 18 percent ($1.5 billion). The spending bill, which was approved eight to five along party lines, would also reduce funds to Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds by 55 percent and 14 percent.

During Simpson’s remarks at the subcommittee’s hearing, he mentioned his previous remarks about the EPA. “I still believe that,” Simpson said. “The EPA’s unrestrained effort to regulate greenhouse gases, and the pursuit of an overly aggressive regulatory agenda, are signs of an agency that has lost its bearing.”

It should not come as a surprise to Simpson’s constituents that he is anti-EPA. During his six terms (he is currently serving his seventh) as Idaho’s 2nd District congressional representative, he has consistently voted against bills that would help the environment. Going back to 2001, Simpson voted against a bill that would have prohibited in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The bill did not pass.

Here are some other bills that Simpson voted against:

  • The Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) Amendment of 2001 would have increased fuel efficiency standards
  • The Outer Continental Shelf Amendment of 2006 would have prohibited natural gas drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf
  • The Renewable Energy Standards amendment of 2006 would have required retail electric suppliers to supply 15 percent of their electricity through renewable resources by 2020
  • Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act of 2007 established royalty payments and requires permits for mineral mining operations and imposes penalties for environmental protection violations
  • Trade-in vouchers for fuel efficient cars (2009)

Simpson co-signed a letter to the EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, dated June 30, 2011. The letter, co-signed by 14 House Republicans, urged Jackson to stop any attempt to bypass the Congress to expand the Clean Water Act. The letter told Jackson, “We do not believe you have any authority to issue such guidance.”

The letter demonstrates that Simpson is not the only House Republican who wants to gut the EPA. He is, however, one that typifies what the GOP would do, if left unchecked, to the EPA.

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Russell R.
Russell R5 years ago

Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID) thinks that the EPA is “the scariest agency in the federal government.

Someone that voted against bills that would help the Environment and Clean Drinking Water is someone that is very scary to me and serving his seventh term. It can only mean that people of Idaho are already affected by his policies and are Zombies. "People beware of eating Idaho Potatoes!" This man should be removed from his duties! He is a eminent threat to the Health and Safety of the American People! He's Fracked Up!

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S6 years ago

William G. is the result of drinking water unchecked by the EPA. The indoctrinated propaganda from Faux news is coming out thoroughly in his statements. He doesn't understand facts from what he's told to think, e.g., how to read pollution data and charts vs. this is what to believe because the dirty (literally, here) Republicans tell you over and over again that it is. It's embarrassing how the right-wing politicians take advantage of their ignorant followers.

Gila H.
Gila Golder6 years ago

"Going back to 2001, Simpson voted against a bill that would have prohibited in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The bill did not pass."

The bill would have prohibited...what, exactly? My guess is hunting, but I'm really confused. Please proofread next time.

Dianne D.
Dianne D6 years ago

He certainly is in the control of big business. You are scared of what you don't know. We need the EPA and I will fight for them. Without them big business would kill all humans and animals with dirty water, air and soil in the name of profit.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

There's nothing scarier than a Repucknican with a handful of power

Danny Wilson
Danny Wilson6 years ago

Clean air, water and food, be afraid, be very afraid...

Grace Adams
Grace Adams6 years ago

Quite aside from pollution and climate change, we are running out of economically recoverable reserves of fossil fuel, especially petroleum. Every time the economy recovers enough to increase demand for petroleum, another oil shortage and price spike tanks the economy again. We need a sustainable substitute for petroleum, like bio-diesel from algae.

Charles Y.
Charles Yheaulon6 years ago

The E.P.A. is scary golly gosh they use big words and other scary things..... like facts,now thats scary!!!

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Rep. Mike Simpson is “the scariest thing in the federal government". Oh wait I forgot Bachman and Boehner and ...

Yvette S.
Past Member 6 years ago

EPA has nothing over the GOP in winning the award for damn scary