How Dangerous Are Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Troubles

Fukushima’s post-quake troubles right now ranks 4 on this chart, according to news casts. In other words, it’s an accident with local impact not something dangerous to those outside the area. We don’t know yet what that means for the sailors on aircraft carries USS Ronald Reagan, which “passed through a radioactive plume” before being moved out of the area.

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from International Atomic Energy Agency


Richard B.
Richard B5 years ago

HAARP may have been used by the Illuminati to create the Fukushima earthquake. For a background on HAARP, check out . And the reasons HAARP would have been used:

ana p.
ana p6 years ago


Olivia Schlosser
Past Member 6 years ago

This is most likely the same sort of "scenario" as the Gulf Disaster....a lot worse than originally claimed.

Izis Almeida Silva

I think it's very dangerous.

Gloria H.
Gloria H6 years ago

yeah, prepare to get bombarded by pro-nuke commercials. Smiling actors, barely dressed babes in bikinis, whatever it takes. As Ronald Reagan used to say in the old Westinghouse commercials- "progress, our most important product". Now that was a man you could trust....

judith sanders
judith sanders6 years ago

To be realistic- most of the land area that is being contaminated by radiation is already contaminated by all the petrochemicals, household chemicals, etc. that were released by the tsunami. Vast amounts of soil will have to be removed; it will be a long time before the water supplies in the region will be safe and before they can plant crops there again.

Hartson Doak
Hartson Doak6 years ago

This is not a LOCAL disaster. This will shut down the Japanese economy. This then will ripple through the rest of the world's economies. The global economy is on the edge of total collapse and this may be what will push it over the edge. The world has to unify it's currency, measurement systems and commerce. These measure will minimized the negative effects and stabilize the total economy of the world. This then will make it easier to have the global response that is need to help with this and future disasters.

Mark M.
Mark M6 years ago

The human race is quickly losing the window of modestly optimum opportunity to do right by itself. Nuclear energy in itself as a process is efficient and fairly clean -- but the costs and pollution of mining for uranium, the deadly waste of spent fuel, the immense costs and of course the potential for accident or catastrophe makes it a very unacceptable option. Oil and coal are just slower forms of regional or planetary suicide. It could only take a major accident for the alarms to sound. And now that a nation or parts of it may be lost--not to mention a huge hit to the the world's 3rd largest economy--finally we may say, oops, maybe we need to change. Humans are killing themselves with the weapon of neglect and a lack of prudence. We have allowed government, corporations, culture and ourselves to become infected with greed and materialism instead of finding the much bigger picture. I am afraid that unless we get it together, the universe is going to treat the humans on planet Earth as another failed experiment. Don't want to hear a damn word about 2012 Armageddon and the vengeance of the Lord. It is is my view that the success or failure of our entire existence is and always has been up to us. Anything less is just self-fulfilling prophecy, a consequence of choices over history, and of making excuses for failing to properly use the gifts we have been given.

Mary Meijer
- M6 years ago

It's scary, and part of me doesn't really want to know...

William Ford
William Ford6 years ago

As long as I know, there can be changed a new tech but the greed won't let it happens.