How Exactly Did Romney Win Back Women?

Has Republican nominee Mitt Romney turned on the charm?  Something must have happened, since according to new polling, he has taken a huge jump in popularity among women voters.

According to the latest ABC/Washington Post polling, women have suddenly flocked to the GOP candidate, causing his numbers to jump 13 points in just the last few weeks.  “All Romney’s gains have come among women – up by 13 percentage points in personal popularity from last month, while Obama’s lost 7 points among women….An ABC/Post poll last week found improvement for Romney in vote preferences among married women. This survey finds that his gains in personal favorability, instead, come predominantly among unmarried women, who saw him uncommonly negatively earlier this spring.”

If Romney is gaining, what has changed?  A large portion of the switch could simply be the fact that the Obama campaign has changed the focus of the fight.  The same time period that Romney’s standing among women has improved, the Democrats have been hammering the former governor over his tenure at Bain.  The attack makes sense empirically — Romney is trying to position himself as better on economic and employment issues, and the Democrats want to show that it isn’t true and define him before he can define himself.

It’s a message that can address the general population, but it also plays into Romney’s desire to focus on the economy as the only real “women’s issue” that matters.  These unmarried women that saw him “uncommonly negatively” earlier disliked him because of his rabidly conservative stance he took on issues while trying to win the endorsement — taking away their right to choose, eliminated their health care access, cutting off affordable birth control.

By moving into an attack on Romney’s record on Bain, Obama’s campaign gave Romney exactly what he wanted, a chance to change the subject from his dismal stance on issues that concern women.  The longer the focus is on something else, the more women drift away from Obama.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America understands that, and there is no doubt that is the impetus behind their new endorsement and ad campaign. Let’s see if the Obama campaign takes a hint from them.


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Don H.
Don H5 years ago

David, David , David.....these people voted for George W Bush...TWICE! They are the most gullible, least informed electorate in history. They are so misinformed that they don't even suspect their own ignorance. They're deeply ignorant. They celebrate ignorance as a kind of virtue, one to be nurtured and proud of. They selected Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate! Dude....they look to Rush Limbaugh for guidance. : )

Lynda Harrison
Lynda Harrison5 years ago

My thoughts would be he has learned to lie more convincingly! I certainly don't imagine he wooed them all with wine and roses and a box of chocolates!

Kristen H.
Kristen H5 years ago

I don't want to vote for either of them. I'd rather vote for Luis Gutierrez as president, at this point.

Pat B.
Pat B5 years ago

David, I just shake my head and mutter 'oh tell me they didn't just say that.' Like you said, it's so easy to verify something. Google it and you will get hundreds of web sites. If you legitimately want to know the truth you read other sources of information. If all you read or listen to is Fox or their followers, you will remain deluded and pathetically ignorant.

Susan Baker
Susan Baker5 years ago

Maybe the ladies are just doing what I do whoever comes knocking at my door asking for my vote gets a "Yes" and as they do not all come together it is easy to get them to believe you will vote for them. Then you just vote for whoever you were going to anyway but they don't know that.

Richard B.
Richard B5 years ago

Wouldn't surprise me if ABC and the Washington Post were members of ALEC. All reading from the same ultra-conservative book.

Richard B.
Richard B5 years ago

Nah. I just think it's ABC and the Washington Post fudging the numbers.

Patsi Hoffstaetter
Patricia rommers5 years ago

If this chap wins, it will no longer "The Land of the Free and Brave" but welcome to "The Land of Segregation and Oppression" I do not think this is what the American Public needs or wants.

Ira L.
Ellie L5 years ago

Are you sure these polls aren't fixed so women will think other women like him? It sure doesn't make sense. And all this in one month????? Something's fishy in Denmark!
Romney doesn't give a crap about women's rights -- Unless a woman is a millionaire or billionaire! Mr. etch-a-sketch flip flopper will say ANYTHING to help him win, and will do anything according to whichever way the political wind is blowing. He has no core principles and doesn't care about any collateral damage as long as he gets what he wants, since he became a "severe conservative." Re-elect Obama with a Democrat majority in the House and Senate for a better America (or as Romney would say, "Amercia")

Geraldine Ley
Geraldine Ley5 years ago

Lyn V.

You got it right the first time!