How Many Cows Are in the World’s Biggest Hamburger? (VIDEO)

The world’s biggest hamburger made its appearance over the weekend at the Alameda State Fair in Pleasanton, California. According to SFGate, the behemoth burger weighed in at 777 pounds, topping the previous maxi-burger record of 590 pounds.

Clearly a burger that big had to come from more than one cow. Considering that your average single 4-ounce ground beef patty could contain meat from as many as 55 cows, according to a 1998 study done R.P. Clayton and K.E. Belk, and could contain a few other “ingredients” (such as ammonia, it’s possible that the award-winning burger has its share of “filler.” As a USDA report on Public Health Risk-Based Inspection System for Processing and Slaughter says, “mixing, grinding, formulating, needling, marinating, rework” are all involved in processing raw ground meat.

So, just speculating, if there’s meat from 52 different cows in your average 4-ounce burger, that’s about 208 cows per pound, could there really be 161, 616 (208 times those 777 pounds of hamburger) animals in the big burger? Such figures do make the big burgers below perhaps a bit less…appetizing.

(They already are to me; I’m a long-time vegetarian, but my son does like his burgers.)

Here’s the 590-pounder:

Here’s the 777-pounder, quite a contender for the title of hamburger heavyweight.

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Photo by Suat Eman


Jim Ven
Jim Vabout a year ago

thanks for sharing.

Abbe A.
Azaima A6 years ago

what a waste of life

Sheri P.
Sheri P6 years ago

That is gross!!! What is the point? Why are these huge burgers made and are they actually eaten or just thrown away? I cannot believe a 4 oz. patty could contain meat from so many cows...ew! I'm content to eat my veggie burgers, thank you very much!

clara H.
Clara Hamill6 years ago

Wow that's a lot of beef. If it gets eaten then I have no problem with it. Why are the vegans getting so upset it's a food source you don't eat it but millions do. If the cows were raised right and killed quickly then it's fine.

Patricia A.
Patricia A6 years ago

I get sick just looking at one burger! So glad I don't eat that animal fat any more!

Sulette Matthee
Sulette Botha6 years ago

Eeeuw! And I like burgers! Hope they donated that burger to some hungry kids at least.

Dolores M.
Dolores M6 years ago

This is disgusting. I'm so glad I quit eating red meat.

Laura K.
Laura Kornak6 years ago

OK so alot of people are not vegetarians-but we as human beings can certainly do alot better in the inhumane ways in which we slaughter animals! Just take a few minutes & watch a slaughterhouse video & see how horribly these animals are abused! It is so sickening & horrible that it's unbelievable. We can do something to take them out of their pain alot more humanely then what we are doing now but of course we can't do that because it costs money & that is left for the rich people only-sadly.

James S.
james S6 years ago

Just an unbelievable display of human sickness. Absolutely disgusting. As if it's not already bad enough that we torture and kill, in mass, those we say we love. "Oh look at the cute cow sweetie!" And then... this. Unbelievable. In South Korea, they may do something like this with dogs... and we have no right to say a thing b/c an animal is an animal. The only difference is that in different parts of the world, people are TOLD to eat different types of animals. So they do it. That easy.

Rani K.
Rani K.6 years ago

Anyhow I like to ask a general question from the website owners. Is this site meant for animal lovers or animal haters? If the membership is for people who care for nature and the environment, it is only natural that they will love everything nature created. Animals are a wonderful creation by nature to look after the planet so that humans can exist. Without them humans will be extinct. But if this site is meant for animal haters, I am out of here. A mental case is destroying all the cats I am looking after too depending on what I say here on this site. Unbelievable? Yes, but true.