How One Mischievous Crow Became a Social Media Sensation

His name is Canuck, and he’s quite possibly the most popular crow†you’ve ever seen. Surely you know Canuck? Well, if you don’t, pull up a chair. You’re going to love him.

Canuck lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He came suddenly and comically to public awareness in May 2016 when he became part of a news story about a shooting in a McDonalds parking lot in East Vancouver.

You see, Canuck likes to collect things. On that day in May, he was hanging around that McDonalds, which is one of his favorite haunts. Canuck really wanted a knife that was part of the active crime scene. He swooped in, grabbed it and tried to fly away with it. A police officer working the scene gave chase.

Perhaps the knife was too unwieldy, or maybe Canuck thought better of his thievery. Whatever the cause, he dropped that knife not far from where he’d taken it. A reporter mentioned the incident†in his story about the shooting, and suddenly the world took note of Canuck.

Canuck the famous crow

Canuck has a special human friend, Shawn Bergman, who chronicles his adventures on a Facebook page called “Canuck and I.” Canuck is so friendly because he was hand raised by Bergman’s landlord’s son after he fell from his nest and was abandoned.

Bergman was present when Canuck was released to the wild. Instead of flying away into the great blue sky, however, Canuck flew as far as the fence in the yard. Then he flew to Bergman’s arm, and a friendship was forged. He now lives as a wild crow, but Canuck visits with Bergman nearly every day.

“He meets me outside the house in the morning and we go to Tim Hortons for a coffee [while] he waits outside, looks in the window,” Bergman wrote on the “Canuck and I” Facebook page. “As soon as I come out he’s back on my shoulder and I walk back home. He also follows me to the bus stop and waits with me till I get on the bus. Then takes off for his day as I disappear out of sight. Then greets me when I return home.”

canuck and bergman

While Bergman is at work, Canuck makes the rounds in East Vancouver. He likes to visit the Hastings Racetrack and steal stable keys. (He returned them by dropping them on the head of a stable employee.) Sometimes he rides around on the Vancouver SkyTrain, picking it up at the Commercial-Broadway station and riding to Metrotown. Occasionally, he pops by to help the Vancouver police with traffic control.

You might also catch him at the local gym or at his favorite McDonalds, which is where he was the day of the infamous shooting incident. Bergman heard about it on the radio and worried about Canuck.

“I was thinking, ‘Donít be there, donít be there,’” Bergman told the Vancouver Courier about that day. “And sure enough, heís sitting on top of a white SUV right in the middle of the crime scene. Iím like, ‘Of course youíre there. Of course you are.’ I walked all the way around because I really did not want to be associated with what’s going on and I donít know how involved he had been. I walked down the back alley and whistled for him and he came to me.”

canuck with a new prize

Canuck’s a star and he knows it. He also knows Bergman is his good friend. This relationship is a great testament to the friendship a human can have with another species. Canuck trusts Bergman completely and in fact seems to like all people. Heís a funny and interesting bird. All crows are fascinating, with deeper interactions and memories than most of us give them credit for.

“He likes who he likes and he doesn’t like who he doesn’t like,” Bergman says on the Facebook page. “He is a wild crow after all. But I do think he likes getting his picture taken.”

How wonderful it would be to have more stories like this one — stories of humans and animals coexisting in peace, interacting as trusted friends. Do you have a wild animal friend, Care2 readers? Let us know in the comment section below.

Photo credit (all photos): Canuck and I Facebook page


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"How wonderful it would be to have more stories like this one — stories of humans and animals coexisting in peace, interacting as trusted friends."
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