How Social Media is Embracing Earth Hour and How You Can Get Involved

While Earth Hour is obviously a time when we allow technology to go dark and take time to unplug for the good of the environment, in the run-up to the event there are plenty of social media initiatives that could help you help the Earth.

Many readers will know that it’s Earth Hour 2015 this Saturday. While every year is about switching off our lights so we can conserve energy and really focus on issues of energy consumption, each year tends to have a theme. This year’s theme asks us to “Use #YourPower to help protect the environment and safeguard future generations. 

The Use #YourPower social media engagement effort stresses that we all have the power to make a small but real impact in helping to cut carbon emissions and tackle climate change. Here’s the Earth Hour video promo that shows what this year’s Earth Hour is about:

And here is the United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-moon giving a short speech about why Earth Hour is important, as well as stressing the human cost of famine and drought, among other climate issues:

The WWF reports that in 2014 a record 162 countries took part in celebrating Earth Hour and going dark, and even more are expected this year. The effort and surrounding campaigns raised more than $57 million for environmental causes and not just those directly related to climate change but also things like wildlife protection too. 

So if you want to get involved this year and participate in the #YourPower initiative, you can use your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other sites to say how you will use your power to fight climate change, using the tag “#YourPower” and encouraging others to do the same.

The “Use #YourPower” campaign isn’t the only interesting Earth Hour effort this year though. Watch brand Timex has committed to donating $1 to Earth Hour for every person who uploads a photo and shares an act on climate change pledge via social media, tagging their contribution #TimeToGLO. You can find out more about that pledge over at their pledge page here, and the company has said it will honor shares up to $50,000, so this is a potentially sizable contribution to the cause.

Another social media tag that is proving popular this year is “#ChangeClimateChange“. The tag is being used to spread ideas about the various ways we can combat climate change in our everyday lives, from switching to more environmentally friendly cleaning and food products, supporting energy companies that use alternative energy sources like wind, water, solar power, and much more. If you’re looking for ideas on the small changes you can make to live a more sustainable life, we have a few suggestions here too.

7 Easy Ways You Can Take Part in Earth Hour 2015

Earth Hour occurs on Saturday, March 28 from 8:30-9:30pm local time. There are a whole range of things that you might consider doing for this event, with the key being to try to not have to use energy. Here are just a few ideas that are hopefully relatively easy and, also, fun:

  • Switch off your mobile phone, laptop or other electronic goods, open a bottle of wine or your tipple of choice, and have a face-to-face chat with a loved one.
  • Meditate by (animal and environment-friendly) candlelight.
  • Do something creative like draw, write, or paint during the hour, then you can show your results to the world after the hour is up.
  • Read a book or a series of articles about climate change and the current issues facing the environment.
  • Why not try stargazing?
  • Have a no-power party with your friends, eat picnic food, paint each other with environmentally friendly glow paints and have a dance party!
  • Use this breather from normal activity to play with your children or pets — though be mindful that pets like cats will have the upper-hand if you have switched off the lights!

Again, Earth Hour is set for Saturday, March 28, from 8:30-9:30 p.m. local time. Will you be participating? If so, please tell us how in the comments below. 

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I think these ideas are a little lame! How about Meatless Monday's or try eatin vegetarian for a month! Recycling, repurposing, and reinventing that which you already own. This would be a good start:))

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