How to Protect LGBT Rights in 2018

Last year was a painful one for the LGBTQ community, and unfortunately 2018 doesn’t look much better.

It’s more important than ever to protect LGBTQ rights, so here are some tips for making your voice heard this year. Because the Trump administration is resistant to civil rights protections, these efforts must happen on a local and individual level, in addition to national action.

Watch the legislation

While LGBTQ journalist Samantha Allen predicts “bathroom bills” will lose popularity this year, she worries that state governments will continue to quietly chip away at LGBTQ rights.

“I’m worried that, with so many other scandals dominating the headlines, the systematic erosion of LGBT rights…will continue to fly under the radar,” she says in the Daily Beast.

Meanwhile, colleague Jay Michaelson thinks the United States will “zero out its aid to vulnerable LGBT populations around the world” this year.

Pay attention. Make a fuss. Write petitions, volunteer with or donate to LGBT rights groups and contact your lawmakers. The Consumerist offers a handy guide for reaching local representatives.

Be an ally

Being an LGBT ally means taking an active role. It’s much more than simply saying that you support marriage equality when asked.

The key is educating yourself, listening to what LGBTQ people have to say and standing up for them –  whether they’re present or not. Forbes provides some sound advice specifically for business owners.

Even those of us who are LGBTQ can be valuable allies to each other.

Gay men can advocate for lesbian and bi women. Cisgender gay, lesbian, bisexual and queer people can show up for those who are trans and non-binary.

Include LGBTQ people in your activism

Whether the cause you’re most passionate about is feminism or racial justice, don’t forget to keep LGBTQ people in mind.

Transgender women of color are victims of murder and other gender-based violence all too often. And bisexual women face domestic violence at higher rates than both straight and lesbian women. LGBTQ refugees face compounding oppressions.

Make sure you amplify those voices, too. Social justice is everyone’s fight.

Photo Credit: Midia NINJA/Flickr


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