How to Tell if That Rescue Animal is The One

The hardest part about adopting a new rescue cat/dog is knowing whether they are ‘the one‘.

If you’ve ever been to an animal shelter, then you’ll know that when all eyes are on you, knowing who to take home is quite the conundrum.

If you’re head is spinning over who’s the right rescue for you, then check out the following tips to help you decide:

1. Know Yourself – First things first, what exactly are you looking for in a pet? Do you want someone who will hang out on the couch with you and watch the latest TV, or do you want someone who will tag along on your daily jog? Other important aspects to consider is how much time you can devote to them, whether you have the space to accommodate someone of their size and if your budget can support their needs. Most animal rescue groups have adoption applications that will help make sure you have all bases covered.

2. ‘Interview’ Potential Candidates – Take your time to learn all you can about any potential candidates. Ask plenty of questions about their history, personality and individual needs. A good shelter will take the time to help guide you in your search and find you a suitable match. Don’t be offended if they scrutinize your intentions or experience. After all, they deeply care about their rescues and want to ensure they find safe, loving, forever homes where everyone will be happy.

3. One on One Time – Once you’ve identified your favorite, take them out of their kennel and spend some quality one on one time with them. Getting up close and personal with your selected rescue animal is a luxury that not all shelters can offer, but if you do have the chance, then be sure to take full advantage. Pet them, feed them and indulge in a little play time and see how you get along together. If possible, take your new canine companion out for a walk. It’s a good opportunity for them to stretch their legs and for you to bond.

4. Love At First Sight - We all know what it feels like when we meet someone for the first time and we just connect. Well it’s the same with animals. Sometimes all it takes to find your purrfect match is looking directly into their eyes and falling head over heals in love. With that being said, sometimes you need to put your heart on hold and use your head, which is why the next tip is absolutely essential.

5. Sleep On It – Whatever you do, never adopt an animal impulsively because you may regret it. Your new rescue cat or dog is going to be a lifelong commitment and you need to ensure you can provide the loving and nurturing home that they deserve. Even if you’ve followed all the above tips and you feel 100% sure that you have found ‘the one,‘ go home and sleep on it. Detracting yourself from the environment can make a huge difference to your thought process, allowing you to clearly consider everything involved. Don’t worry, your furry friend will still be there in the morning.

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