HSUS Exposes Severe Animal Abuse at Wyoming Meat Processing Plant

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recently reported numerous shocking cases of animal abuse taking place at Wyoming Premium Farms, a factory farm that processes sows and piglets. Some of the abuse documented in the video includes stepping on sows, kicking sows, twirling piglets violently in the air and overall neglect.

Tyson Foods, the company targeted by HSUS, has historically purchased aging sows from the farm through Tyson Fresh Meats, a subsidiary of Tyson Foods. Tyson has since reported that they “suspended purchasing animals from Wyoming Premium Farms” after seeing the video documentation, however, up until recently, Tyson denied a connection to the producer.

Doug DeRouchey, Wyoming Premium Farms manager, said that those responsible for such heinous acts will be fired, but DeRouchey also claimed he “needs more than a four-minute video as proof of wrong-doing.”  He did not apparently comment on how much documentation would be needed to constitute “proof.”

Animal abuse on factory farms is, sadly, nothing new. There are currently no stringent laws in place that legally protect animals in these conditions from neglect and abuse, although many groups like HSUS and PETA work tirelessly to ensure their stories are brought to light. Unfortunately, many of these animals are viewed solely as economic commodities and are treated as such.  Add in constant consumer demand for fast food and meat products and these conditions are only perpetuated.

Exposés, like those at Wyoming Premium Farms, are critical reminders of where meat actually comes from and because of these undercover operations, many conglomerate meat processing and breeding companies are starting to make improvements, although slight.  Smithfield and Hormel have stated that by 2017, “company-owned pig breeding operations will be gestation crate-free.”  Cargill, another breeding operation, is currently 50% gestation crate-free.  Tyson, however, has typically “lagged behind its competitors in the pork industry and has not made any commitments to get gestation crates out of its supply chain.”

Nonetheless, gestation crates are only part of the problem.  Conditions in factory farms are typically no less than abhorrent, leaving animals immobile, often left to stand in their own excrement. Many females are forced to give birth days to weeks in advance to keep up with demand.  It’s no wonder these so-called “farms” are typically in remote areas where nobody can smell, or hear, what takes place.

Being a smart consumer is the first step to combating this cruel industry, as is cutting back on the amount of meat intake. If living the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle isn’t for you, instead choose meat from local, sustainable and humane farms. Americans have historically consumed more meat than any other population in the world and although those numbers may be declining giving rising costs, the real cost is the price the confined animals pay every day.

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Enoch C Gould
Enoch C. Gould3 years ago

It truly is time that people realize that animal abuse is evil--plainly evil--against the will of God!
Thanks for reading, everyone!
God bless you!
Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior!

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright5 years ago

This is why we need access to these houses of horror. We need to put a stop to the barbaric treatment of animals. There is no reason why any living being should be treated this way. Humans are simply the most disgusting species on this planet and we should be ashamed at how poorly many humans treat the other species we must share this one planet with.

This is why I don't eat meat.....................

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing

Rochelle Hunter
Rochelle Hunter5 years ago

I became a vegetarian when I was 12 after viewing a disturbing video of farm animal abuse. I have been trying to spread the word to everyone else about how these sweet animals are treated. I hope more people will try to lower their meat consumption after seeing what these animals are going through.

Sue Griffiths
SUE Griffiths5 years ago

I and my family have been vegetarians for more than 30 years. We decided jointly to stop eating meat when we had our first dog. We realised that all animals were just the same as our beloved dog. Wanting to live, be happy,nurture their young and enjoy their lives which are as precious to them as ours is to us. After seeing the abuse videos, I am on my way to becoming vegan. It's the only way to stop the slaughter and abuse.

Michelle Staples
Michelle Staples5 years ago

Send'em some love!!!!!
Wyoming Premium Farms, LLC Main Office
394 Highway 26, Wheatland, WYOMING 82201
Phone: 307-322-2266
Fax: 307-322-2296
E-mail us at webmaster@wpfllc.com

Mandy Harker
Mandy H5 years ago

I only vote no because I've already stopped eating meat, I can't stop again.
It's terrible to see the conditions are not improving yet.

Waltraud U.
Waltraud U5 years ago

These greed companies are analog the greed meat-eaters - I believe.
If it is not true all of this cruel situations would looks different.

Pamela H5 years ago

Whether one eats meat or not, the animals who give their lives to sustain us ought to be treated with respect and care and killed humanely and very quickly, not have to endure the living hell so many of them do. It is disgusting, sickening and appalling the inhumanity, the abject cruelty, neglect and disrespect all animals endure that we and our pets consume. The cruelty has GOT to stop. I would gladly pay a bit more for meat/fish/poultry that is raised humanely. Right now I buy from local farmers who do not confine animals so they are overcrowded, never see daylight or are fed on other animals. Herbivores are not carnivores. Sickening and sad situation. We need to vote with our pocketbooks and our political votes, there are powerful industry lobbyists interested in keeping the "product" optimized for their maximum profit, caring nothing for the actual animal itself. Mistreating animals is a short step from mistreating humans, what the homelife is of some of these cruel workers I shudder to think, I fear for their families.

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago