HSUS Reviews The Past Year (VIDEO)

The Humane Society of the United States looks back on the compassionate rescues and legislative accomplishments of 2010.

The outlawing of greyhound racing in New Hampshire and Rhode Island, Alaska’s decision to make animal cruelty a felony, the prohibition of shark finning in Hawaii and the signing of the Truth in Fur Labeling Act are just a few examples of the triumphs celebrated is this heartwarming video.

Even in light of these successes, we must keep in mind we still have a long way to go. Make a resolution for the new year to be more compassionate to all living beings, human and non-human.

Jon Marino


Dawn Taylor
Dawn Taylor6 years ago

HSUS Moves Hurricane Pets into Unnatural Disaster Areas-"Yes Biscuit"
September 4, 2012
The Guilford Co pound in NC kills roughly half its dogs and cats – unless the pet happens to look like a Rottweiler, Chow Chow or “Pitbull”. Guilford Co kills 100% of any pets who resemble those types of dogs.

Not surprisingly, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) thinks the pound is swell. And when HSUS recently trucked nearly 200 pets from pounds in Louisiana and Mississippi after Hurricane Isaac, the multi-million dollar organization thought Guilford Co would be a great place to send 17 of them.

I wonder how many of the remaining dogs and cats “rescued” by HSUS will also be sent to places that kill pets. Even if the shelter taking in the animals doesn’t kill these particular individuals, the issue of displacement killing comes into play. Either way, pets are likely to be needlessly killed in the name of “rescue”, courtesy of HSUS, while the organization rakes in more donations to pay salaries and other expenses unrelated to saving shelter animals. Let me know if you see a story about your local pound receiving any of these Hurricane Isaac pets.

Dawn Taylor
Dawn Taylor6 years ago

Will the HSUS Make a Killing Off Hurricane Sandy?

As with many of you, I've been worried about the toll that Hurricane Sandy has taken upon animals, especially in New Jersey and New York. And I couldn't help wondering: will the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have the gall to raise money off this disaster, after their widely publicized disgrace in the wake of Katrina?

No need to wonder. Fundraisers are like Navy Seals: they have to be ready for every contingency. Boots are already on the ground, so to speak -- virtually, at any rate. The HSUS has been ready to take your donations for days, in fact since before the storm hit: they put out warnings and outstretched palms on October 29th.

Now, why is this so loathsome? Because -- based on the HSUS's performance during and after Katrina -- if you care about starving creatures, you're probably better off grinding your dollars into a nutritious paste and feeding them directly. This may not be the best use of dollars, but at least all of them would be guaranteed to reach the animals.

Malfeasance on the part of the HSUS made the Bush administration's response to Katrina look like a masterpiece of charity and efficiency.

That said, their fundraising was spectacular: the sort of stuff that gets studied at Harvard Business School. While people and their pets were starving and drowning, Wayne Pacelle's organization raised a truly gorgeous sum of money: something in the range of 34.6 million dollars. Which is adm

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman8 years ago

Thanx for post.

Sandra T.
Sandra T8 years ago

Noted, thank you for posting

Carole D.
Carole D8 years ago

Wendy, who do you support?

Carole D.
Carole D8 years ago

According to Charity Navigator, HSUS receives a 3 star rating out of 4 stars possible. Seems to me they are pretty good!

massimo b.
massimo b8 years ago

I deeply care about animals and show it by donations to a number of organisations and field work.

With this premise, I say that I donate to HSUS as well and so far I never had any doubt about their doing very well. Not only: I have assisted to numerous attemps to discredit HSUS by the forces that have interests in exploiting animals at large.

That said, I write to Wendy

Wendy, you are raising serius accusations to HSUS. I would be more than supportive to you if you could provide evidence of what you are saying.

Yet, in the case you have no evidence I wish you to note that your conjectures, exposed as you have them, are a curse for the animals: people will restrain from making donatins to HSUS and having no secure clear alternatives will do notthing. Moreover, if HSUS is not what you stated, people would weaken HSUS good actions.

Therefore, I would be pleased if you
1. could provide evidence of the serious accusations you brought against HSUS
2. could indicate crystal-clear organisatins that based on evidence you know they do what HSUS claim to be doing


Wendy Merendini
Wendy Merendini8 years ago

HSUS is a fraud. Less than 1/2 of 1% of the moneys that they collect go to animals. Half of their donations go to administrative support, the rest goes to lobbyists and advertising.

So, what are you thanking HSUS for? They do no good for animals, those efforts are done by local shelters - who receive NO financial support from HSUS. HSUS will dump large numbers of "rescues" on local operations and just leave. They mug for the cameras take credit but give no support.

Thank God for Wayne Parcel? Really? Enjoy your kool-aid. You must hate dogs, cats and all other animals just like your hero - because Mr. Parcel's mission is to separate humans from animals be they companion animals or livestock.

"...NOBODY should be allowed to breed cats or dogs without a license and health department inspections. We Americans have just too many pets." There you go again, swilling that kool-aid - it really is bad for you health. Listen very carefully here - There are NOT too many pets in the USA - this is a myth spread by PETA and HSUS. Did you know they are bringing dogs and cats from Mexico and other countries to fill out US shelters? True. HSUS wants you to think there is these overload of pets, why? Because HSUS wants to end dogs and cats! You are falling for their propaganda like you were on drugs. And you tell me - how is it American to be told how many pets you can have?

Madeline M.
Madeline M8 years ago

It makes me really happy to see all these issues that I support being victorious...and the picture of the wolf is one that I have used in projects all the time. I also made a collage of pictures for the cover of my binder that included the wolf pic. Wolves are special to my heart and that victory made me the most happy of all.

Rose N.
Past Member 8 years ago

Thank you for posting.