Huckabee, Republicans Think Vote Suppression Is Hysterical

Have the Republicans been fixing elections for so long they’ve become downright brazen about it?

What other explanation could there be for former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee eliciting laughs from guests at a fundraiser in support of an anti-union initiative in Ohio by instructing them to suppress voter turnout.

“Make a list. Call them and ask them, ‘Are you going to vote for Issue 2 and are you going to vote for it?’” Huckabee advised. “If they say no, well, you just make sure that they don’t go vote. Let the air out of their tires on election day. Tell them the election has been moved to a different date. That’s up to you how you creatively get the job done.”

Nothing in Huckabee’s delivery suggests he was joking, and he hasn’t come out and qualified those statements since. So, what’s so funny? Is this a little wink-and-nod about how Republicans plan to win elections?

This isn’t the first time Huckabee has suggested using vote suppression either. He made similar statements in 2009 and faced criticism from Democrats as a result.

It’s just downright depressing that the Republicans have embraced the idea that the fewer people who participate in this democracy the better it is for their party and their power.

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Photo from gage skidmore via flickr.


New G.
W. C6 years ago

Good to know, thank you.

Pego Rice
Pego R6 years ago

They have done this at every major election for the last 50, 80 years that I know of.

We really need major election reform

pam w.
pam w6 years ago


It's a sad day when the Republican party stoops to this kind of behavior.

Of course, if you've got no brains and got no've only got STEALTH and SNEAKY and DEVIOUSNESS.

And, sorry to say, many Americans are sheepish and just want someone on FAUX TV to tell them how to vote.

Horsehockey Horace
Past Member 6 years ago

I'm from Arkansas! I know all about the big 'ol doofus. Yep! He's that stupid.

Leonard B.
Leonard Bowman6 years ago

All part of the Great Oligarchy Plot! Power to the (right) people!

Lisa D.
Lisa D'Ambrosio6 years ago

This is how bankrupt the Repugnant-ican party is that they have to resort to dirty tricks to win ... hey, isn't that what Richard Nixon, aka "Tricky Dicky", did?? (And by the way, Richard Nixon got that nickname in the 1950's ... so the Repugs have been at this for a long, long time ...)

Joe C.
Joe C6 years ago

Why isn't something like this national news? It's so deplorable that everyone should know about it.

Gayle R.
Gayle R6 years ago

And they call liberals anti-American?

Susan T.
Susan T6 years ago

David A - BTW I am no big fan of the Democrats. But these laws are an obvious ploy by Republicans to suppress what has been traditionally a more Democratic block of voters - students, poor and minorities. Believe me these guys make no moves without calculating the effect of their actions, and it's a statistical FACT that these "voter ID" laws will effect those communities disproportionately. Read below

Mary Beth M.
MaryBeth M6 years ago

You really want to be leader of the free world? Shame on you Mr Huckabee! And you call yourself an American!