Huge Fracking Project Threatens South Africa

South Africa has a huge expanse of open land (the Karoo Basin), and gas companies are jumping at the chance to frack it. However, local populations are vehemently protesting. The fracking operations will certainly bring an economic boom to the area, but at what cost? Fracking has the potential to create serious health issues for the people who have lived in the Karoo Basin for many generations.

As one farmer argues in the video below, “So it can bring in a lot of money for the country, and create a lot of jobs, but what about the future, what will become of the land? As I see it, it is going to give the world a real smack.”

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Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing

Jeffrey Barbee
Jeffrey Barbee4 years ago

I am the director of this film, now trying to crowd-source funding for a feature documentary that can really tell this story properly. We have raised about 13% of the funding, with another 21 days to go, and would love South Africans and everyone concerned about this technology to join our project.
The High Cost Of Cheap Gas
In Southern Africa the debate around natural gas development is not yet informed by the latest science “leaking” from the gas fields of America. This film offers an unique in-depth film exploration of the real costs of natural gas development from America to the Karoo desert of South Africa.
The link the campaign is here:

The website for the project is here:

The Facebook group is open:

Jeffrey Barbee (that is me talking in this piece)

katarzyna phillips

as proof of concrete not living up to expectations, i take it people have at least heard of the 'sarcophagus' of the chernobyl nuclear reactor #4?

as for it damaging the water table, this is correct. one thing the article omits is the use of 'fracking balls' which open the gates at various stages to be able to get the oil/gas out throughout the length of the drill site. it is through these that can cause the problems mentioned in the article.

i do agree, it should be about the real LONG TERM gains, not short term endeavours, which could lead the country into turmoil-and possibly put it on the edge of another civil war

Andras C.
Andras C4 years ago

Until BIG OIL can guarantee (by putting up their entire company as security) no adverse effects, especially to ground water stocks, they can frack off.

Bonnie M.
Bonnie M4 years ago

I hope this project gets squashed. This country does not need all the problems that follow fracking. Tragic that it is all about profits and politics.

Valentina R.
Valentina R4 years ago

Hell no.

Berty Jardine
Berty Jardine4 years ago

Can we please get rid of the greed gene?

Tolga U.
Tolga U4 years ago


Jade N.
Jade N4 years ago


Julie F.
Julie F4 years ago