Hugh Hefner’s Son Arrested for Domestic Abuse

If 2011 Playmate of the Year Clair Sinclair had lived in New Hampshire this story might have ended very differently.

Earlier this week Sinclair called the police against her boyfriend Marston Hefner, son of Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, after he allegedly punched and kicked the 20-year-old in their Pasadena home. After determining that she had indeed suffered injuries consistent with an assault, Hefner was arrested and then released after posting $20,000 bail.

According to Sinclair this is not the first incident of abuse. Nevertheless, she says she will drop charges against Hefner if he makes a public apology.

“All I want is for Marston to give a public apology,” says Sinclair. “I want him to admit he hit me more than once.”

Under California law, however, the state can still bring a domestic abuse case against Hefner without Sinclair’s support. In the meantime, Sinclair has moved out of the couple’s apartment and gotten a temporary restraining order against Hefner.

Is asking for a public apology really the only consequence Hefner should have to face as a serial domestic abuser?

I certainly don’t think so.

While I think it is incredibly brave for Sinclair to share her story with the world, she can certainly do much more to advocate for herself and other domestic abuse victims. As someone in the limelight she has a platform to raise awareness about a problem that affects about one in every four women in the United States.

What about New Hampshire?

In learning about this incident I couldn’t help but think of a previous post I wrote about a pending law in New Hampshire that would require police to witness violence before making an arrest in domestic abuse cases. If this law passes, women like Sinclair would be unable to get the help they need when they call police after a partner has abused them.

If Sinclair had been in New Hampshire instead of California when she called to report the domestic abuse incident, police would have been unable to arrest Hefner as they had not witnessed the attack themselves thus leaving her alone with her abuser a man who had hit her in the past.

How many other examples of domestic violence do we need to prove to the New Hampshire legislature that this law idea will put countless women’s lives at risk?

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Charli S.
Charlotte S5 years ago

Why is Hefner's name even associated with this? First this is an accusation and accusation does not mean guilt. He might be innocent.

In any case I don't understand why Hugh Hefner is being dragged into this issue. After all he's not the one who is accused. It's his son. I've seen abusive men who were not taught abuse. Many abusive men grew up in homes in which there was no abuse. I've never heard any one say that Hugh Hefner ever abused anyone so Marston must take the blame for his own actions. Mr. Hefner has done alot for women's rights and given generously to many female causes. It's a shame his son is accused of this.

Ray S.
Ray S6 years ago

USE your VOICE or LOSE your VOICE so your (children)DAUGHTER'S have a VOICE and FREEDOM of CHOICE!

Those RICH kid's like HEFNER'S son's are always the one's who end up KILLING the WOMEN because they feel like they are ENTITLED and will get away with it.

Look's like HUGH didn't teach his SON to RESPECT WOMEN not to treat them like an OBJECT. Of course that's probably hard to do when you make MONEY using WOMEN as the OBJECT or SUBJECT that you make MONEY off of what they look like on the OUTSIDE not the INSIDE.

joanna e.
joanna e6 years ago

Marriage does not last forever unless there is mutual respect. Even verbal abuse builds walls so thick you cannot climb over them. With physical abuse the wedding is over... much less the honeymoon.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe6 years ago

The pending law in New Hampshire sounds ignorant. Do the police have so many other things that are more important than to come to a domestic disturbance? Even if they did not 'witness' it, the woman could tell them what happened and 90 to one, there will be marks on her to prove it.

As for Clair Sinclair, - a 'public apology' is NOT enough. Hefner needs time in jail to cool his jets. If not, he will continue to do it until someone gets hurt badly or killed.

Jackie Agusta
Jackie Agusta6 years ago

Sinclair is a very brave woman. If all she wants is a public apology then she should get it. In my opinion, Hefner's actions are a direct reflection on how he was raised. Hugh Hefner uses women for his own sexual gratification and I doubt very much that he respects women at all, no matter what kind of tripe he might spout. There is no doubt in my mind that his sons actions are the consequences of the environment he was raised in and the things he witnessed as a child and a young adult...:-(

Jennifer G.
Jennifer G.6 years ago

I understand her not wanting to go through the whole legal process. It can be more work than its worth and can often result in no repercussions, and a lot of wasted time and money. She is stating what result she wants -- if they are not the same results that someone else would want, that's not for us to say.
Having Hefner issue a public apology forces him to acknowledge the incident. She has removed herself and is not re-entering the situation, which is powerful.

Frances Mackiewicz

Someone should start a petition in regards to this pending law in New Hempshire. What a stupid idea to try and enforce such a horrible law that will put women in a very serious and dangerous position that will put them more at risk of being killed because the law was not there to witness it. This is one of the worst things I have ever heard of and it should NEVER be enforced. We need to protect women from this kind of abuse. If allowed, it can sometimes escalates to death. Something has to be done to stop this from ever happening. It's not the way to resolve and end domestic abuse. It's sends out a bad message to the abusers and future abusers to believe that it is exceptable to hurt women.

As far as Sinclair goes, she shoud definitely change her mind about a public apology. Her message, by doing so, will help other women to come forward about their abuse, if not, she is allowing Hefner to get away with what he did and he will only do it to someone else in the future. He needs help like all abusers but still should be charged with domestic violence and hope the state of California enforces the law without Sinclair's consent!

marc horton
marc horton6 years ago

the new hampshire bill that police have to witness is soo ridiculous and makes me feel disgusted with that state, i sure hope they all get in f'n gear and stand up to what is very wrong, and misogynistic, it is against the many women go on without telling and living in fear sigh.

New G.
W. C6 years ago

Agree with last comment and others like it.

Lydia Price

No one should ever be abused. Police should always assume that anyone who cries out for help is truly in need. They should also question the victim in private, not in front of the alleged abuser. I don't want to attempt to analyze what causes one to become an abuser. I myself seriously believe that some people are actually sick, not in their head but in their soul. Pornography degrades women and reinforces the notion that women are objects.