Human Body Heat Used To Power Buildings In Sweden (Video)

When it comes to alternative energy, humans usually look outisde themselves– to the sun, wind, or ocean–for a source of sustainable power.

One Swedish company decided to turn their search inward by creating technology that can channel the heat generated by the human body into a power-producing resource.

Jernhusen, a real estate company in Stockholm, has found a way to channel the body heat from the hordes of commuters passing through Stockholm’s Central Station to warm another building that is just across the road.

Engineers use heating exchangers to convert the Station’s trapped body heat into hot water and then pump that water to an office building next door, providing it with environmentally-friendly and cost effective heating.

It is reported that this process can reduce a building’s energy costs by up to 25 percent.

Learn more about this hot idea in the BBC News clip below:

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Image Credit: Flickr - istolethetv


Beryl L
Beryl L7 months ago

I hope this is successful and can be put to use elsewhere, what a unique idea

Mary S.
Mary S6 years ago

Wish them well, but if they are to successful you know the Big Oil will try very hard to cut them off..

Xil L.
Xil L6 years ago

Loving this, proud to be a sweed! Progressive!!! We blame big pollutors, but spend a life polluting ourselfs, time to pay up!

Sarah D.
Sarah D6 years ago

Awesome opossum!
why does everyone use so many harmful ways of getting energy when there are so many harmless ways?

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W6 years ago

This reminds me of one Polish cabaret...

Laure H.
Laure H6 years ago

OMG. Hot Flashes with a purpose!

Roopak Vaidya
Roopak Vaidya6 years ago

Nice article, thanks for the info...

Roopak Vaidya
Roopak Vaidya6 years ago

I heard that someone has invented a gadget which fits under one's shoes and generates enough electricity while walking to charge a mobile phone battery...
Now, if only someone could utilise the hot air generated by politician's... :)

Patricia Geller
Patricia Geller6 years ago

I find this hard to believe, sorry!

Maja K.
Maja K6 years ago

wow, great idea , athought it sounds like a s-f :)