Hunger and the 2012 Presidential Election

By Brett Weisel, Director of Advocacy for Feeding America

As the 2012 election heats up, it is important to remember the role our elected officials can play in helping us achieve our vision of a hunger-free America. More importantly, we as their constituents can do a lot to urge them to act. Everyone can play a role, and because of the scope and reach of programs like SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) — which put food on the table for hungry Americans — our federal government plays a particularly important role. That’s why during September, the month Feeding America has designated as Hunger Action Month, it is critical that we lend our voice to the cause and Speak Out Against Hunger™.

The federal government is one of many partners in the fight against hunger, and it is uniquely positioned to help us advance our cause. We have a set of public policy issues that we work on, including fighting for funding for programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), child hunger programs and others. Our policy goals derived from our values as an organization and as a nation.

You may agree or disagree with the role the federal government should play in achieving these goals, but as the Director of Advocacy at Feeding America, I see access to food as access to opportunity. Our nation was built on the concept that everyone should be on a level playing field, that we all should have the opportunity to achieve the “American Dream.” Ever think about how difficult it must be to achieve the American Dream if your concern first and foremost is how you’re going to feed your children?

In my opinion, supporting federal anti-hunger programs isn’t about giving a hand out. It’s about providing help up. So that those in need can achieve more.

When people in our communities don’t have enough food to get through the day, it costs us all. Hunger creates health problems. Children struggle to learn. Workers are less productive. Opportunities are lost.

So as you are thinking about who to cast your vote for this November, consider those families in your community struggling to get by, and the opportunities they lose because they are going to sleep with empty stomachs. Think about the opportunities we can create simply by ensuring hungry families have access to adequate, healthy food to get through their day. Then think about which candidates are willing to fight for those that are less fortunate and will create policies that will bring new opportunities for hungry Americans.

If you share our vision for a hunger-free America and would like to tell your elected official it’s time to do something about it, visit Feeding America on Facebook to send them a personalized postcard with ways they can help and why it matters to you.

Do your part during Hunger Action Month. Speak Out Against Hunger today.


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Jim Ven
Jim Vabout a year ago

thanks for sharing.

Lance McDonald
Lance M5 years ago

Yes! Food! Food to all!

Deborah F.
Deborah F5 years ago


Nicolas Bourel
Nicolas B5 years ago

Food for everyone!!!

Mary B.
Mary B5 years ago

There is no reason I can think of good enough, why anybody should be ashamed of being dependant on the government for food. The mere fact that food is such a basic requirement to everybody, to link hunger to shame, and needing help to tax dollors is old, dysfuctional propaganda and if there is anybody who has not yet recognized how pathetic that is and how it was perpetuated by the upper classes and given to the middle class to dump on the poor to keep them from outright rebellion and committing crimes of the 'needy' , then here's a wake up call. Stop being proud of 'never asking for help' . It just means you bought the story that there's something wrong with you if you can't do it all yourself. You can't. Nobody can. You can only pretend not to notice everybody elses contribution.

Dr Clue
Dr Clue5 years ago

The starvation and hard upbring of Mr. Romney along with his retroactive reality,!

Dr Clue
Dr Clue5 years ago

One fact checked and yes basket checked video :)

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago


He went on to kind of lecture me about schools and how bad they are. He talked bad about the teacher's union. He was talking about the importance of private schools and voucher systems.

At one point, I said to him, "I have an answer for that." And he said, "I didn't ask you a question."

Let them eat WHAT!!!, Mitt?

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago

This is how much Mitt shows he cares about children and education BEFORE he gets into the White House:

Sat Sep 22, 2012 at 07:20 PM PDT
Romney to teacher "I didn't ask you a question"

by ThatPoshGirl

When I saw this I had to share it. It has only received around 300 views so far, and it really needs to go viral. It is a video of a CO teacher describing her experience at a round table with Mitt Romney. According to the teacher, Romney was going on about schools failing and how we need a voucher system. When she said she had an answer for that he told her "I didn't ask you a question."

The video has captions, but I have also included a partial transcript below the fold.


When i was asked to speak with Mitt Romney it seemed like a very important thing to me, and I wanted to put a lot of careful thought into what I would say. So, I went to the round table discussion very optimistic and interested in hearing what he had to say.

When he sat down, one of the first questions he asked was, he said "I understand there is a teacher here today, which one of you is a teacher?"

So, I raised my hand, thinking that's a good thing, he's interested in education, but it wasn't a good thing. I felt like his view was a little old-fashioned and I was surprised by it. He went on to kind of lecture me about schools and how bad they are. He talked bad about the teacher's

rene davis
irene d5 years ago