Idaho Proposes Trapping and No-Quota Wolf Hunting


This month, Idaho Fish and Game announced its proposal for wolf hunting season this August through March that will be decided on at a meeting this July 27-28 in Salmon.

The proposal does not include a limit on how many wolves can be killed in four of the five hunting zones, including the Panhandle, Lolo, Selway and the Middle Fork. The state is also adding trapping from December to mid-February to its wolf-killing methods this year.

The department has not set a target for the number of wolves that can be killed, stating only that they will leave 150 wolves, or 15 breeding pairs, at which point they could lose control of their ability to manage wolf populations at the state level, according to the AP.

There are an estimated 1,000 wolves in the state, not counting this year’s pups, who will be vulnerable to being killed, or left abandoned to starve. Hunters can use electronic calls and any weapon they choose (guns, arrows, snares) and will be allowed to take two wolves this year, while trappers can take three. They will have 72 hours to report their kills. Imagine 72 hours in a leghold trap.

“We are concerned that the proposal for this year’s hunting season would allow too many wolves to be killed. There are far fewer wolves than bears, mountain lions or elk in Idaho. Allowing the population to approach only 150 wolves is unsustainable and not supported by sound wildlife management principles. Instead, Idaho should manage for a healthy and abundant wolf population,” said Suzanne Stone, Northern Rockies representative for Defenders of Wildlife.

If you’re in the mood to rally for wolves and find other wolf lovers in your area, visit Howl Across America.

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Photo credit: dobak via flickr


W. C
W. Cabout a year ago

Thank you.

Pat Bacon
Pat Bacon6 years ago

Thanks Oliver. Great letter.

Pat Bacon
Pat Bacon6 years ago

What is wrong with these people that want to kill, kill, kill! It is horrible. They must have a cruel streak a mile long on their hearts.

LMj Sunshine
James merritt jr6 years ago

Thank you.

Ruth S.
Ruth S6 years ago

Don't kill off this beautiful animal!! God created him for a reason!

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton6 years ago

The amount of money people are spending, it is cheaper so feed and give them birthcontrol. Shame on you all!!!

Oliver S.
Oliver S6 years ago

Idaho should set the quota at zero. As in no wolves taken (euphemism for killed) at any time. This is the same thing as having no quota but in the exact opposite sense as Idaho currently intends. We need to stand up for wolves in the Lolo Zone and take every action necessary to prevent the senseless slaughter of these animals in an area where their recovery is by no means assured.

Ranchers, most of whom do little or nothing to protect their animals from depredation are already compensated for their losses and they frequently blame wolves for stock losses that are completely unrelated to wolf activity. This, in spite of their continued lack of appropriate stock stewardship and the fact that many of them are grazing herds of BLM lands.

Further these same people and others like them are blaming wolves for reduction in numbers of game in spite of the fact that habitat loss associated with over-grazing is the primary causative agent in reduction of elk herds and has nothing to do with wolves.

Lisa marie

this "quick Poll" above for idaho trapping was worded as such that many including me cannot tell if the answer should be yes or no if one does not want trapping at all or killing of wolves in support of your last sentence " Instead, Idaho should manage for a healthy and abundant wolf population,” said Suzanne Stone, Northern Rockies representative for Defenders of Wildlife." Can you reword this before publishing the results. I believe the results will not reflect the validity of your question. Thank you.

Anneke Andries
Anneke Andries7 years ago

no animal traps at all, how cruel and cowardly can mankind be; they should all be banned

Barbara C.
Barbara C7 years ago

We hold in our hands such power over defenseless animals it is
actually criminal. We can afford to be their protector and should be; not their executioner. Man is the most dangerous animal.