Idaho Ultrasound Bill Killed

In the war for reproductive health care, we have to take the victories where we can. And Idaho is definitely a victory.

Today the Idaho House announced that it will not hold any hearings on the forced ultrasound bill before session ends this weak. That means the bill is officially dead for 2012.

Of course, Idaho Right to Life is promising to bring the measure again next year. But for now the measure is off the table and the reason it’s been killed is reportedly due to concerns of local constituents and the attention the state and the bill received from across the country.

It’s a real victory for women and it was a victory largely engineered by women, including Care2′s own Robin Marty and all of you who called, emailed, tweeted, and did whatever you could to let Idaho know this bill had to go. If a bill like this can be defeated in a deep red state like Idaho, others can too. Let’s not stop until all of these bills are dead or repealed.

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Photo from DaveFayram via flickr.


Jennie R.
Jennie D5 years ago

If you believe that you must fight against abortion, then do the things that work to reduce abortion, such as education, readily available access to birth control etc...instead of showing your ignorance by trying to criminalize it-----which does not stop it but only creates a black market and many more horrendous problems which actually increase the demand for abortions. Down with ignorance and out-molded thinking.

Ellen Emerson
Ellen Emerson5 years ago

Great job, good news for a change! Keep fighting!

Julie D.
Julie D5 years ago

Awesome! A baby step in the right direction! Kudo's to Oklahoma too!

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V5 years ago

One step forward in a headwind but it is worth it. We can NOT let the American Taliban win.

Marianne C.
Marianne C5 years ago

I just got an email from the Center for Reproductive Rights that says the Oklahoma ultrasound law has been overturned as unconstitutional.

Steps in the right direction, but it won't stop the right.

Michael F.
Michael Fisher5 years ago

I just love to watch these Idaho political Morons scramble for a dark hole to crawl into every time they make an idiotic statement that makes its way to the national media. It warms my entire being when the GOP underestimates the Women in this country!! Im a native here in this dillusional state of cant believe what comes out of their mouth and how their brains manifest the drival...God bless anyone who has lived here and survived, I am hoping to live long enough to see them destroy themselves!

Thank you very much!

Mark S.
Mark S5 years ago

Abortions kill yada yada yada. So does the death penalty, guns, and people who kill abortion providers. I am for pro-life, as long as those that are against abortions are willing to support the "fetus" after it's born until it's at least 18 years of age. If not, butt out.

Karen Swenson
Karen Swenson5 years ago

John M. Abortion kills Period you say, and then you have a picture of what looks like a battleship on Care 2.

Karen Swenson
Karen Swenson5 years ago

Silvija V you ask where all the hatred comes from---it comes from Religion that's where!

Rob Keenan
Rob Keenan5 years ago

I don't agree with your man's right opinion,Ryan Z. If I do get a women pregnant,because it's SHE ,not me who faces carrying the fetus in her body for 9 months,then the labor of giving it birth,I'd concede to her the decision whether or not to carry and give birth. And one reason why I support every woman who wants it easy ,affordable access to contraceptives is that fewer unplanned pregnancies = fewer abortions.Besides the right wingers are pro life only while it's in the womb. After birth the right wingers are perfectly willing to let mother and child fend for themselves.

Way to go Idaho women !