I’m Done With Trump

In February, I took the pledge to spend a month not discussing Sarah Palin, and frankly, it was wonderful.  I no longer felt the need to respond to every word she uttered, event she attended or video she posted on her website or facebook.  I stopped taking her seriously, and it was good.  And since that one month moratorium, I haven’t really felt much of a draw to cover her antics.  It’s almost as if I got caught in the wave, and once I was out, I no longer felt the tug of the undertow.  I was free.

Now, I’m making a new pledge — I’m breaking up with Donald Trump.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and it’s not me, it’s him.  He’s too demanding, too needy, too self-centered.  Everything is about him.  He’ll do anything for a little attention.

And I still think it’s all a publicity stunt, anyway.

So, here it is.  Just as February was a month without Palin, May is a month without Trump.  Just like the my preschooler, I’m no longer giving into the tantrums and the crazy demands.  He’s getting a time out. 

He’s had his moment in the sun with the birth certificate.

He’s made it to the top of the presidential polls.

He’s had his chance to appeal to the conservatives by bashing a woman’s right to choose, equal rights for GLBT, and ceaselessly attacking the president over everything from health care to whether he really should have been in an Ivy League School.

This was his day, and now it’s done.  I’m with GLAAD.  I will be Tuning Out Trump.


photo by Boss Tweed (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


Yolanda L.
Yolanda L6 years ago

I still don't want to hear about Palin. I always thought That Trump was ... In the immortal words of my Mother.... " A perfect example of money with no class".

Virginia B.
Virginia B6 years ago

I voted "no" because there are so many gullible, fame-worshipping people out there, that we must keep after these cynical liars, of whom Trump is leader of the pack!

Susan S.
Susan S6 years ago

Trump only provides comic relief - no one can take him seriously, so why give him any air time?

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton6 years ago

Trump & Palin are trash!!!

Jerry t.
Jerold t6 years ago

I'm glad he's running and I hope he wins the nomination just show the republicans what a bunch of losers they are.
As for care 2, we have more serious concerns.

Joan Earnshaw
Joan Earnshaw6 years ago

Why did you even have to ask? Lose trump--not just for May--make it forever.

Rama Murthy
Rama Murthy6 years ago

Trump is a shameless goon and self promoter. I hope the conservatives should abandon this jackass for a better candidate.

Susanne R.
Susanne R6 years ago

"The Donald" is really getting on my nerves! He may be a shrewd businessman, but he's proven himself to be the biggest jerk of all by putting ridiculous doubts in the minds of gullible people. Every time I see that outrageous, shellacked, back-to-front combover, I always wish someone would step on his toes to see if it moves up and down. I have a device in my kitchen that works in a similar manner...

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

Is there any way that each and EVERYONE OF US could send an e-mail to "Da Donald" saying, "YOU'RE FIRED"?

Lois Jordan
Lois Jordan6 years ago

Funny thing is that I just read Trump gave to the Dem party 54% over Reps. He's a joke who went bankrupt more than once and forced little old ladies out of their homes. I banned him from my TV awhile back....along with Palin, Angle, Bachmann...Notice that for the past several days the media's been absolutely plastered with "royal wedding" and Trump? Hear or read much about Fukushima? Oil prices are up based on pure speculation, several Mid-East countries still in "meltdown mode" and Repubs still trying to destroy unions state-by-state--among other pertinent info. But, the media deflects and defends what it wants to--run by Corporate, they're still trying to run our Empire. Turn them off and phone, write, e.mail your representatives about what's important to you. I save my "entertainment" time for those half-hr. shows when in the mood. (Not much).