In Fertility Breakthrough Scientists Grow Mice Sperm in Lab


In an important breakthrough for male fertility scientists have announced that for the first time they have been able grow sperm in the laboratory using parent germ cells.

So far this has only been done with mice cells but scientists, despite setbacks, are confident that they will eventually be able to help men who wish to father children but, for one reason or another, are currently incapable and must rely on sperm donation.

From The Telegraph:

Researchers in Germany and Israel were able to grow mouse sperm from a few cells in a laboratory dish.

In a world first a team headed by Professor Stefan Schlatt, at Muenster University in Germany, were able to grow sperm by using germ cells. These are the cells in testicles that are responsible for sperm production.


Prof. Mahmoud Huleihel, who also grew the sperm at Israel’s Ben Gurion University in Beersheba, said: “I believe it will eventually be possible to routinely grow human male sperm to order by extracting tissue containing germ cells from a man’s testicle and stimulating sperm production in the laboratory.”

In order to grow the sperm the scientists attempted to ensure they had created conditions that were as close as possible to those found in the testicles. To achieve this the extracted germ cells were surrounded by an agar jelly and grown at a temperature just below that of the normal body temperature of humans.

Scientists must now attempt to kindle the growth of human sperm from human germ cells, and professors Schlatt and Huleihel are quoted as saying they wish to achieve this “as quickly as possible.”

While Huleihel noted that such attempts have, to date, been unsuccessful, research teams are now experimenting “with a number of different compounds to get the germ cells to grow into sperm. And we believe it will be possible. And, hopefully, soon.”

The work carried out by the research group has received high praise from a number of fertility experts who say that while there has been a great deal of research into female infertility, there has been little advancement on male fertility issues despite a known reduction in overall male fertility over the passed 50 years.

The reduction in male fertility has been put down to a variety of causes, including environmental factors like pollution and female hormones found in some plastic packing.

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Spermcheck S.
Spermcheck S.5 years ago

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KS Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Hannah S.
Hannah Short6 years ago

arg, humans need to stay out of nature and let the animals produce sperm, there is no need for science to create it

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V6 years ago

I bet this would have made Hitler SOOO proud. I mean with artificial sperm we can expect a baby totally predesigned and that will lead to a superior race. The put chemicals into the chemtrails that poison us and is said to cut fertility and now they will come up with a way to overcome that infertility, now who would have thought??? Fluoride is known to cut fertility and they still put it in our water. This is them created another problem and making money using us to experiment on. Seven billion and counting, how many more people do we want??? If the Republicans and the Tea Party takes control women and men not wanting to have children might want to get surgery fast because once they get rid of birth control that seven billion will grow really fast.

This antiquated film clip demonstrates that our government has known for a very long time that sodium fluoride, even in weak concentrations, is damaging and destructive to cellular tissue.

Mark Stevenson
Mark S6 years ago

Why is there a push to increase the human population? Human Guinea Pigs? Slaves? Soldiers?
Even (gasp) as a food source?? I just don't get why they think we need more people in an overpopulated world, destroying habitats, causing other species to become extinct, and destroying the Earth even more?? WHY? Is it a sense of power? Playing God? What is with these human cretins??? I'd like to see the population of humans REDUCED. Nothing major, just a quick, painless death to make room for more important things in the world, like NATURE.

Deborah L.
Deborah L6 years ago

Wes G: I read probably the same book. My parents believed in ZPG before it was ever called that.

Laura: They did make birth control pills for men, but the government decided the medical side effects were to dangerous for men to take. However, have no fear, those same side effects that are in mens birth control pills are 99% as the same ones in womens birth control pills, but this is fine and dandy for women to use. Guess that tells you what I always expected, that women are expendable.

Wes Giesbrecht
Past Member 6 years ago

I'm a non parent by choice (that is to say, I avoided it like the plague)
and proud of it.
I read Paul Erlich's writings about the necessity of zero population growth some 40 years ago and took it to heart. I'm more convinced, all the time, that he was right.

Kara C.
Kara C6 years ago

Just what the world needs more sperm. While amazing how many mice suffered for this and shouldnt money go to something more useful, like contraception.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson6 years ago

wow. while this is an amazing achievement, I believe we have enough sperm to last us awhile. Isn't earth a little overcrowded at the moment?

Jan N.
Jan N6 years ago

With all the time and effort put into infertility, you'd think the planet was running short of people. If it's not meant to be, move on. The world won't end if you fail to contribute your genes to the mix.