In US, More Women Were Raped Last Year Than Smoke Cigarettes

Even before the FBI updated its antiquated definition of what constitutes “rape” to include acts that include non-forcible assault and crimes against men, the United States was experiencing an epidemic of sexual violence.

Findings from a study started in 2010 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that nearly 1 in 5 women are estimated to have been the victims of rape. In almost all cases the perpetrator was someone the victim knew and more than half of the time the perpetrator was their own partner. For 80% of the victims their first rape occurred before age 25; for 42% that dropped to before age 18.

These are just some of the preliminary findings from the first annual report of what will be an ongoing, nationally representative survey of sexual violence in the US. The survey also looked at the rising prevalence of stalking and harassment. In 2010 the study estimates that 1.27 million American women were raped– the equivalent to one woman every 29 seconds–and 5.1 million were stalked–the equivalent to one woman every 7 seconds.

To put it in perspective, according to the findings more women have been raped than currently smoke cigarettes.

With this new data, and with a Department of Justice finally willing to track sexual violence in a way that is meaningful, just maybe we can take a step away from a culture that perpetuates rape and sexual violence to one that respects the physical autonomy of every American.

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Alina John
.2 years ago

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Sheamus W.
Past Member 4 years ago

The problem is that you provide may be worth our time and also effort.

Sabine I.
Past Member 4 years ago

thank you, sad but true

ILIA I5 years ago

What is it with this epidemic of sexual violence against women? It's not just due to the fact that rapes are reported more often than in the past - no, rape has become a mainstream crime.
Rapists are not ridiculed as too stupid to find a mate or too mean to buy the sex they can't get based on their personal charm.
Rather rape has become something to brag about when drinking with the gang. It's exactly this attitude that contributes to the rising rape rates and this is where rape prevention campaigns should strike, ridiculing rapists as triple losers: pathetic sex-starved misfits with no chance of ever finding a partner, virgins who think sex is a few quick thrusts and cruel brutes who confuse punches with foreplay.
Ridiculed like this, rapists are less likely to brag about their deeds and such crimes will lose their appeal but to the very sick. On the other hand, if seen in this light, rapists are unlikely to be met with sympathy by the media and the jury and will be more likely to face the full force of the law.
What do you think?

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

sad but not even a little surprising

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

I AM surprised! There are a lot of angry men with power issues out there, more than I thought.

Hassam A.
Hassam A.5 years ago

Social Vales of Liberal/ Democratic/Modern Society..
Shame on US(The so called Champion of Women Rights)

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B5 years ago


LM Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

sadly not surprised, thank you.

Veronica C.
Veronica C5 years ago

That's a strange comparison though.