Indian Women Bludgeoned To Death For Suspected Lesbian Relationship

Two widows in the Indian province of Haryana were bludgeoned to death by a 23-year-old man who had accused them of a lesbian relationship.  Eyewitnesses said that the man killed the women with a wooden club, one of whom was his aunt, in full view of other villagers.  He threatened the other villagers not to help the women or call the police.  They watched as the two women bled to death.  The man said that he had killed the women to protect his family’s honor.

This horrifying story is, according to the BBC, disturbingly common in Haryana, a province in northwest India which is “deeply conservative and patriarchal.”  The nephew had already been convincted on a rape case and was out of jail on parole.  It’s unclear whether another man was involved.  According to one news source, the nephew was aided by another man who has also been arrested.

“This is a heinous twin-murder case and we will make sure that strict action will be taken against the accused,” said the local superintendant of police.  “So far we have arrested two persons and our investigation is on.”

It’s important to note, though, that this isn’t just a murder case – it’s a hate crime committed against two women who may or may not have been involved in a lesbian relationship.  The BBC says that there have been “numerous cases” in Haryana where men and women who defy notions of family honor have been “ostracized, murdered, or even publicly lynched.”

These honor killings aren’t simply murders.  And we need to remember that.  The fact that none of the villagers disobeyed the one (or two) men who beat the women to death is striking, because it indicates a degree of complicity, even if they had been threatened.  The community needs to be part of the action to prevent crimes like these from happening in the future, even if the murders were committed by two independent actors.

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Mac R.
Mac R7 years ago

Sick societies made deadlier by religion.

ming l.
Ming L7 years ago

listen im not like the rest of the males i never agree what other males think what they did has no morals no sense at all gurls can have other females too love them they hve done nothing wrong it is the counter part who should be arrested not the females the y derseve a much better lie it was very very sad an much a an much retobution plz send the make those who take life a life no the ones who dikd this trajic step noru lif

Donna Pulous
Donna Pulous7 years ago

I ask this of the people who still follow this Honor Killing BS, does you God condone this behavior? This is sick and everyone just stood by? How cowardly, especially the so-called men.

Nimue Pendragon

Unbelievable that this could happen!

Ellyn L.
Ellen L7 years ago

Honor killings are just an excuse to elevate the perpetrators "status" They should be punishable by life in prison w/o parole or death.

Emma Doel
Emma Doel8 years ago


Ralph YY
JustaHuman Here8 years ago

Woohoo, back to the ages when men had three times bigger heads than brain is inside. However, when Iook around I do not get the impression that it changed within the last 10 000 years.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin8 years ago

I suggest all men that so disregard women are forced to read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo!

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B8 years ago


colleen prinssen
colleen p8 years ago

I hope the people doing this are not the same ones who don't eat cows. if they are then what? "we don't eat a cow, but we kill our women for something we can't prove"