Indiana Democrats Leave State To Avoid Union Vote. Again.

Despite earlier indications that a softer bill was in the works, Indiana Democrats in the State House left the state Tuesday to avoid, even temporarily, a vote on a Republican backed “right-to-work” bill.

A final vote on the bill, which bans union contracts from requiring nonunion members to pay fees for representation, had been expected on Tuesday. Republicans dominate the Indiana House 60 to 40. But with hundreds of union members and supporters filling the Statehouse halls in Indianapolis in protest, most Democrats refused to turn up for floor sessions twice on Tuesday.

Republicans need 67 votes to pass the measure.

The entire bill is making the state nervous with Indiana set to host the Super Bowl and the National Football League’s Players Union vocally opposed to the measure. It’s a spotlight most Indiana voters would rather avoid, which begs the question of why Governor Mitch Daniels and Republicans are pursuing the measure so heavily.

Could it be because “right to work” legislation is an ALEC agenda item?

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Photo from Kheel Center, Cornell University via flickr.


Nicola Pole
Erica S5 years ago

Can't they find some way to force them to stay? Like if the democrats keep leaving, the republicans automatically get the majority because they actually showed up to vote. If this keeps up, the vote will never have a final decision. Someone needs to step in.

timothy m.
timothy m5 years ago

The Indiana Democrats are making a mockery of the elective process. If it were Republicans boycotting a Democrat majority trying to endorse Obamacare, Care2's liberals would all be screaming about them not playing fair.

Doug Gledhill
Doug G5 years ago

Diane S:

Your free market worship is a bunch of shit! Plenty of corporations over the years have externalized their costs onto the taxpayers of the country and have bought off politicians in an effort to pocket more cash without any responsibility to the very country they want to park their over sized butt in.
Negotiating for compensation and working conditions, for many, is limited, if not non existent. Setting aside money for retirement and paying god awful insurance premiums for health insurance while making a wage that increasingly is inadequate is also a insanity.
Labor unions comprise so little of the total workforce today, that the importance you assign to their driving up wages is beyond the pale. Even at their zenith, labor represented only a third of labor in this nation.
Multinations have become bedfellows with Communists China because they can get material resources and labor cheap, without having to be responsible for damage they do environmentally or socially to that country, since the communist leadership is as much corrupt and self serving as they are.
It is ironic, that the Capitalists and the Communists leardership have found it to their advantage to exploit those less fortunate. Of course, history informs us that they is what these entites have done all along.
Take your free market worship and shove it!

Diana S.
Diana S5 years ago


In a free-market economy, businesses succeed or fail on their own merits, and people negotiate their OWN working conditions and compensation, and are responsible for their OWN medical bills and retirement funding!!! Anything else is fiscal insanity!!!!!

Diana S.
Diana S5 years ago

Wake up, America!!! One of the primary reasons a substantial number of "middle class" citizens can't afford basic necessities of life these days, one of the primary reasons so many jobs are being outsourced to foreign countries, is because unions and their stranglehold on labor in the US are overpricing everyone except their own members out of the market!!!!!

Years ago, when the Bay Area Rapid Transit district was just a gleam in the eyes of a bunch of Contra Costa county citizens, they designed the trains to be run entirely by a giant computer in a climate-controlled basement in Oakland (CA). Then a few people who felt threatened by the idea that maybe a computer couldn't handle a job traditionally handled by humans (this was YEARS before auto makers started designing cars that could parK themselves - which idea drivers have come to love), so the BART "fathers" came up with the brilliant idea to make the job a "welfare to work" minimum wage position. They gave the "cab-sitter" the task of manually opening and closing the doors to give them something to do in there besides napping and enjoying the scenery.

Then the unions got involved, which is why, TWENTY YEARS AGO, the wages alone for that job exceeded twenty bucks an hour, and that doesn't even address the outrageous benefits package!

In a free-market economy, businesses succeed or fail on their own merits, and people negotiate their OWN working conditions and compensation, and are responsible for their OWN medica

Robert H.
Robert Hamm5 years ago

HAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAH Rolf that hilarious. There is a 2 party system for a reason.

One side usually protects Business above average citizens and one protects the people more.

As long as both sides get to drive the bus there usually isn't a problem. The problem is the corporate party no longer wants the other side to drive the us EVER!

Trust me…..if it turns into a one party system we are completely lost.

ROLF P5 years ago

They have you hooked on partisan politics, it's a disease, neither party really cares about any of us they just care about them selves. Just imagine what it would be like if we only had one party!
We need to get rid of the parties, let who ever want's to run, run. Winner takes all, no more wasting money on primary elections no more manipulation period.

Alice B.
Alice Berry5 years ago

Mike C., how about we also impeach all the worthless republicans taking up chair space in congress who are not doing their jobs, have no ideas, refuse to work toward any solutions?

George Boggs
George Boggs5 years ago

The Republicans want to "Give You The Right To Work " for less, now. And if that gets passed, it will be "When They Let You".

James R.
James Rubner5 years ago

The anti-peoples tea party and the Republicans complain of government interference in private business then enact laws to restrict free enterprise and free association. The governor claims that RTW states have higher employment while South Carolina's unemployment is higher than Indianas. Texas may have lower unemployment but it is the result of two things. Government contracts and minimum wage jobs. Why can't these people tell the truth?