Indiana Woman Accused of “Feticide” Denied Bail


Bei Bei Shuai, the Indiana woman who was charged with feticide after she ingested poison in an attempted suicide, which was believed to have caused the premature birth and subsequent death of her daughter, has now been denied bail as she awaits a court trial. According to The IndyChannel, Shuai, who has been held in custody since March, had a judge both deny a dismissal of the case as well as deny bail for the woman until trial, despite the input of over 80 medical and legal professionals who have advocated on Shuai’s behalf.

Shuai, who according to her lawyer was attempting to kill herself, not end her pregnancy, has now had multiple agencies filing “friends of the court” briefs defending her, and asking for the court to drop charges. As one doctor and representative of PostPartum Support International wrote, “A suicide attempt is a sad but predictable aspect of mental illness, and, unfortunately, pregnant women are not immune from such diseases. Because treatment is so critical for the pregnant patient, her fetus and her family, amici support an approach that sees suicide and attempted suicide, as a medical issue, not a criminal one — a stance that is consistent with the position of the Indiana Department of Health.

Shuai’s lawyer has appealed the denial of bail, and the ruling on that is expected to be expedited.

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Joy Jin
Joy Jin6 years ago

She needs to get psychological health, not go to jail

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson6 years ago

This woman belongs in a place where she can get help. Not in prison. I do feel so deeply for the poor child who's life was ended before it began. How could a woman with a life inside her be so selfish?

Chris W.
Chris W6 years ago

Dan B opposed to Democrats like you who are just plain rude, sad and living on another planet!

Kathie Z.
Kathie Zirngibl6 years ago

The woman does not belong in jail. She belongs in a mental hospital. The Indiana law states that it's a crime to kill an unborn child in the commission of another crime. Attempting to kill oneself is not a crime. It's a symptom of clinical depression. The woman obviously needs psychiatric treatment.

Holly E.
Holly E6 years ago

There are so many people in this country being locked into prison for absurd reasons. This issue goes beyond women. The prison system NEEDS more people all the time to increase its profits. The system is going to figure out more and more and more ways to put people behind bars until we as a nation stop privatizing every public service and system that we have. This is precisely why you don't make systems inside societies into private, for profit businesses. Prisons shouldn't be making money off of incarcerating people just like healthcare system shouldn't be making money off of finding ways to keeping people ill, like feeding them drugs that create new illness. The insanity of privatization must stop, or this country is going to degenerate into complete and absolute chaos.

Ben W.
Benjamin Wilson6 years ago

Erth G.

you have no idea what the poor girl probably had going on in her life there could have been multiple causes for her attempted suicide,as a trainee psychologist i have seen many young girls and even grown women try to commit suicide the most common causes in my four years of training are sexua abuse,emotional abuse from family,the lose of someone close to them or mental health problems like a severe breakdown

Elizabeth Brawn
Elizabeth Brawn6 years ago

the saddest thing about this is that nothing will change unless someone researches and implements strategies for post-partum psychosis and similair mental illness.......
i had post-partum psychosis and none of the midwives or doctors or nurses or support workers at the hospital or even staff at the mental hospital knew anything about the subject and the only person (peri-natal psychirist) who knew anything about the subject could not ariticulate my situation

Rebecca W.
Rebecca Weiss6 years ago

I'm not surprised that so many people here simply do not understand depression and suicide. I have been on both sides of the coin; I've been through depression and have had suicidal thoughts (and am STILL struggling), and I had a childhood friend who hung herself over a year ago. The pain that everyone felt - including myself - was unbelievable. As well as the anger.

That being said, I STRONGLY suspect that it didn't even occur to this woman that she would be harming her unborn child when she poisoned herself. Suicidal people get very narrow minded and selfish in their thinking, and they do not consider who their actions will affect. It's one of the reasons why I personally think that suicide is most definitely part of a mental disorder. It creates a tunnel in a person's emotional psyche that forces that person to only focus on nothing but their own pain and suffering, and how to best relieve themselves of it. It's a dark place to be.

It's not that they know and don't care, it's just that it never even occurs to them who they will harm.

That being said, I find it revolting that this woman is in jail. She needs to be taken out and carted to one of those suicide prevention centers and given a permanent room and constant counseling. What's even more tragic is that her friends and family not registering her pain - but it is something that happens. My deceased friend's family don't understand emotional disorders. Her mother admitted it to my mother after the funeral.

Nimue Pendragon
Nimue Michelle P6 years ago

Good grief.

Dan B.
Dan Brook6 years ago

Why do Republicans hate women so much?

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NEVER vote for Republicans.