Interview With Gay Republican Candidate, Karger (VIDEO)


Openly gay presidential candidate Fred Karger (R-CA) sits down with Feministing to discuss his hopes for Presidency in 2012, the LGBT community, gay marriage, his views on feminism and how they differ from fellow Republican Sarah Palin and his idea for a renewed Republican Party. Yes, that’s right – Republican. However, taking a look at his stance on key issues, it’s hard to believe.

Karger is a self-identified “very strong feminist”, pro-choice and avid supporter of Planned Parenthood. He’s for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as well as making the hunt for a cure to HIV/AIDS a national priority. So why is he running on the Republican bill, you ask? Take a look at the video to find out.

Interview by: Miriam Perez


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Photo credit: Fred Karger for President


Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Gay Republican?? that's like having a chicken in a circle of foxes.

Jean-Yves Poirier

I wish I was a US citizen so that I could vote for him. I am a proud Canadian and gay. Our Federal Liberal Party brought in Same-Sex Marriage a few years back. I attended my lesbian niece's wedding to her girlfriend last August. I never thought this would happen in my fifty-year lifetime. I hope and pray that Same-Sex-Marriage with pass in the U.S.A. and all around the world sooner than later. May God Bless Fred Karger and other Republicans who feel the way he does.

Eddie Obler
Eddie O6 years ago

Yes, it's very obvious that a majority of Republicans are anti-gay. The religious right, the moral minority, is always against gays and gay rights. They are opposed to marriage for all, and they are opposed to gay parades and events. And, for the most part, they have no shyness about displaying their hatred and dislike towards the gays.

They also dislike and discriminate against people of other religions and feel everyone should be "saved", just like they believe they are.

But, no matter who we are, or what Party we associate with, we can all develop more compassion, more understanding, more respect, and a much deeper desire for fairness and equality within our country. People are fundamentally equal, regardless of: race, age, nationality, sexual orientation, nationality, etc...

Sue P6 years ago

I've been following him since day one. He and John Huntsman are what the Republican party needs. Google the article that the LA Times did on him...just great...and refreshing. I don't agree with him on his lowering the voting age, but, otherwise he's got some great ideas worth considering and loves this country.

Marianna B M.

interesting comments

Joe R.
Joe R6 years ago

Seems like a great guy. Lots of luck in the current republican party led by a bunch of religious homophobes. (I don't see them changing anytime soon.)

Caitlin G.
Caitlin G6 years ago

...Republican AND gay?
...Wants to renew the Republican party?
...Works with feminism?

This may be the first time I ever vote for a Republican!

Marg Wood
Marg W6 years ago

Right wing religious radicals are anti gay and they seem to be the majority of republicans! He sounds more like a Democrat but of cource he can't run as a democrat. I Hope he gets a lot of votes!

Hannah S.
Hannah Short6 years ago

i hope he runs, he seems like the best choice

Wayne M.
Wayne M6 years ago

I would hope Fred Karger might influence debate in the Repubican Party and move it away from being a tool of social conservative extremism.