Investing in the Future at Renewal2

You can say we need more green and organic products, but are you helping make it possible? So often we hear about the importance of sustainable lifestyles, whether it be recycling or purchasing fair trade. But here’s one option we don’t talk about: investing alongside your values. Frequently our portfolios don’t match our other actions. We buy organic and invest in environmentally harmful companies. Nicole Bradbury, VP of social venture fund Renewal2 Investment Fund, makes our responsibility clear. “People should really take a look at how they’re investing money if they are looking to live sustainably”.

Renewal2 is bringing together concerned investors from Canada, the US, Europe and Asia to fund early stage businesses in the organic and natural food, green consumer product and green building industries. Despite these challenging, economic times, this B Corp has managed to raise 35 million dollars. Current sustainable venture capital money is typically driven to green technology, leaving a large gap in other areas of the “green” economy. Renewal2 addresses this issue, paving the way for businesses which support all aspects of a sustainable lifestyle.

As investors, Renewal2 must set criteria to evaluate the impact of companies. This can be very difficult with the few standards available and a constantly evolving industry. This is where B Lab steps in. Each company Renewal2 invests in is encouraged to take the B Impact Assessment. It was therefore necessary for Renewal2 to set the example and become certified themselves. By becoming certified, they are providing leadership and joining with other companies who are doing things differently.

Renewal2 will soon be putting their funds to work and investing their remaining capital. Then it will be time to raise more capital and repeat the cycle. It is imperative to continuously support environmentally and socially progressive businesses. This will allow the companies, and our society, to be successful and prosper.

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right up my alley. and love the photo. we get a spud delivery every week. and they are charitable. they donate holiday boxes to needy families.

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I'll be watching to see how this fund performs.

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Good news.

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